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    i see some tag names moving!! how?

    sometimes i see some players their names is moving (tag name)
    usually when the match ending or in lobby
    i asked him he says open consol and type "exec 1.cfg"
    when i type this its says file not found
    hope you understand what i mean
    how they do that ?
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    lol he got a config file in mygames/farcry2/ folder.
    There is written down something like:

    use_clan_tag *#**
    use_clan_tag **#*
    use_clan_tag *#**
    use_clan_tag **#*

    and saved it as 1.cfg

    you can create youre own cfg file with notepad and save it as 1.cfg or what ever as long its a .cfg

    thats all

    ingame you do what he wrote.
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    :P i did what u said, and this actually changed my name to the TAG that i posted in .cfg file only, but it doesn't moving.
    and this is what i did
    i created a cfg file with this tags inside

    use_clan_tag ~VH
    use_clan_tag ~VH
    use_clan_tag ~VH
    use_clan_tag ~VH

    this is jeep's 'car' because i saw a car moving on his name, in the game :X
    i save it as 1.cfg in my games/farcry2/ folder
    in the game when i type exec 1.cfg my name just changing to a car only,and it doesn't moving.
    probably written down a different code, not only use_clan_tag # i guess

    Thanks to replay me and i hope you understand
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    i figured out
    it must be manually moving
    because when you put " use_clan_tag xx" in x.cfg file and typing " exec x.cfg " in console. your name only changing to the tag u put it into .cfg
    so i made more than 1 cfg files and then typing each of them in console
    it wroks
    hope u understand
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    wondering what will happen, if you make 3 cfg files and inside the first 2 you also put in a cfg loading command for the next one ?

    for example

    use_clan_tag Hello
    exec 2.cfg

    use_clan_tag World
    exec 3.cfg

    use_clan_tag Im here

    will pop up very fast i guess.
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    lol it was a good idea
    i didt exactly what u wrote but
    after typeing exec 1.cfg it goes directly to the 3.cfg,
    So 1.cfg does not showing and 2.cfg either, only the last one
    hope you figure out another way :
    btw Thanks alot for replaying i appreciate it

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