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    new tenchu game ideas

    Hey. Here are some ideas for a possible new tenchu game. I know, the game has been fairly hammered. However, the theme may still have some millage.
    Perhaps set new game in modern day. in different locations in the world. trying to be a ninja in the modern world? easy? what new skills would you have to learn?
    hacking? how would you have to adapt?
    perhaps also place the story line in a modern context with more sophisticated enemies who may also use cloak and dagger.
    Pehraps secret service agents? International drug dealers and gun runners. Corrupt. politicians and businessmen.
    industrial espionage agengies. Bent police men. Celebrities, film directors, game developers. who also follow the buzz and commit crimes on the way.
    new technology to over come such as burgular alarms. guns. how would a ninja survive?
    How would he adapt when fighting the modern fighters, such as the many MMA fighters?
    perhaps the modern prospective ninja would have to work out a way to defeat these master fighters. perhaps by applying jeet kune do style logic, looking for a fighter or styles weakness in order to defeat them.
    how about the other aspects of ninjutsu. as ninjutsu wasnt simply all about breaking in to houses and chopping people up with swords.
    the styles that traditional ninjutsu covered was much more broad and unusual. their were all sorts of things that were only touched upon by the original series.
    In Bujinkan lineage for example there are 18 styles encompassed and taught which include all sorts of things. How would these styles fare in the modern world.
    how would the modern ninja adapt? Perhaps the prospective ninja could have to travel and seek a teacher that is expert in each of these areas in order to unlock such skills in a similar way that the ninja would have to travel and seek out the right teacher to train and gain the right skills to defeat a particular opponent. and some times. perhaps in styles that are differnet. Perhaps all other things could be taken into play such as the ninja's personal strengths and weaknesses. Just like real life. :-)
    1.Seishin-teki kyōyō (spiritual refinement)
    2.Taijutsu (unarmed combat)
    3.Kenjutsu (sword fighting)
    4.Bōjutsu (stick and staff fighting)
    5.Shurikenjutsu (throwing blades)
    6.Sōjutsu (spear fighting)
    7.Naginatajutsu (naginata fighting)
    8.Kusarigamajutsu (chain and sickle weapon)
    9.Kayakujutsu (fire and explosives)
    10.Hensōjutsu (disguise and animal morphing)
    11.Shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods)
    12.Bajutsu (horsemanship)
    13.Sui-ren (water training)
    14.Bōryaku (military strategy)
    15.Chōhō (espionage)(spying)
    16.Intonjutsu (escaping and concealment)
    17.Tenmon (meteorology and astral projection)
    18.Chi-mon (geography)
    What would be the modern counterpart of each of the styles above?
    I would also like to see some other rare styles included such as to-ho-justu. A style that was previously used by Japanese police which involved tie-ing up the victim with a short rope. Some of the experts were able to do this in seconds. :-)
    Anyway. just some ideas.
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    Modern Skills that could be incorporated

    Poison/toxicology/illegal drug knowledge
    modern surviallance techniques
    employment of modern tech and vehicles
    police searches - with imprisionment as penalty (and adapting / escaping part of the process)
    modern disguises and film make up techniques
    hacking (computers and tech)
    Mind reading
    Body language interpretation
    lie detection (Paul Erkman)
    Yogi style powers
    Bribing/manipulation tactics
    sleeper agents
    enemy ninjas that stalk you using same tech
    ninja networking
    ghost recon future soldier style camo armor
    sexy ninjas
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    Story line could incorporate real life people
    Example. Masaki Hatsumi Soke, Stephen and Rumiko Hayes On-shu could be a charactors in the the game (as forces of good).
    The dalai Lama and perhaps Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche (Bon) could be included as escoteric religious spiritual guides.
    You could also include other real life people, like Rockstar games does. But changing one or two minor details in order to make it hard for the people slandered to sue for slander.
    Personally, I would base the baddies on the owners of Rockstar games, including as much details about them and their lives as possible. You could map out their work places and their holmes including identifyable locations. and map out other aspects of their life while leaving out the obvious aspects.
    Then you could write into the story them participating in illegal antics such as cyberstalking and using their games in the same way to slander and demonize innocent individuals only for them to be murdered by the heroic ninja in all sorts of creative and interesting ways. :-)
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    Could also include the types of things that politicians and secret services do, such as smear campaigns
    framing people as rapists/child molesters/wife beaters in order to ruin oppositions careers / lives (although ideally not portrayed in the game as good or noble)
    Setting people up for a fight. (stirring up things)
    Media SMEAR
    Media Brain washing
    Attempt at subliminal programming
    Derren Brown mind games and tricks....
    Celebrities used by politicians to ruin potential rivals life.
    (sending celebs to the targets home town to slander the victim and to influence the inhabitants)
    Also see industrial espionage. Where a company steals the interlectual and creative works of an individual,
    and then uses contacts in show biz / and relavent industry to ruin the original creator of works reputation
    career to cover up the theft, ideally, resutling in the death of the victim.
    Perhaps consider casting a person based on Lilly Allen as the evil thief who uses her own music biz connections
    and her parents show biz connections to attempt to murder the victim whom she stole from (using smear propaganda) .
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    Also, the use of doubles. Impersonators used as decoys.
    Also. missions to research intelligence required to achieve ultimate missions objectives.
    for example, if there is a human target, you may be able to research that target in order to spot any weaknesses. for example. my ex-wife is allergic to MSG.
    If I wanted to kill her or get her out the way for a bit (not that I would....), i could bride someone to add this to her food which would cause a negative reaction.
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    No don't get me wrong, as I love games of this type. but the only problem with games like this is that they can have a profound effect on impressionable individuals. By including such content in games, you are kind of opening Pandora's box to some extent.

    Not all the people playing the games will have the spiritual maturity, mental stability or moral integrity to refrain from using such tactics in real life and that putting such a game on the market basically has the potential to change the behavior of a percentage of the population.

    Most games offer an altered reality, a fantasy world for individuals to enjoy. It is arguable that experiences gamers gain while playing games are equal to every day life experiences and that games have the potential to adjust or alter the participators behavior due the conditioning effect that constant exposure has on the individual.

    Now that we are traveling towards an era where the distinction between game play and reality is becoming blurred, the harder it will be for players to distinguish between them both and having a profound impact on what individuals perceive as right or wrong in real life.
    "all things are permissible etc."

    The best advice I can give after submitting all the info above.
    Proceed with caution and with wisdom.
    Perhaps a game could be designed in order to explain the damage done by such evil tactics rather than to glorify the murderous acts,
    after all, the less amount of sociopaths in society the better.
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