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    Deniable Ops DLC bought, but cant access it in game.

    I cant seem to play deniable ops even though i have bought it. I have tried redownloading it and restarting the game without success, or am i just looking in the wrong place?

    Im from sweden, and the game shows all options in swedish, but the main menu looks like this (freely translated):

    Continue story
    choose chapter
    secret missions (which im guessing is supposed to be deniable ops)

    and so on.....

    A friend of mine who has the DLC told me you start it by choosing deniable ops and then changing the game mode to infiltration or something, but it only shows hunter and last stand for me.

    Any ideas? Never had a problem with something i bought on xbox live before.
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    Sorry I missed this before.

    Infiltration mode is separate, you should be able to get it via Uplay. Hunter and Last Stand modes are Deniable Ops, and when you pick one of those and choose a map, if you've downloaded the DLC maps you'll have to scroll down the list to see them all (there's no arrow or indicator to show you can scroll further, but you can).
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