This will pretty much make or break the pc competitive community imo. I know for a fact that most pc gamers stayed away from FC2 cos all of the server hosts refused to run FC2 servers due to the fact that the dedicated server launcher was a memory hog. Are we going to get decent dedicated servers this time around ? If this game is going to have bs p2p lobbies like COD, pc community will die in weeks. I'd really like an answer before I purchase the game. Also, lack of info about the PC version is really alarming. Especially considering the fact that there's only 3 weeks till the launch date. Are they trying to hide some things that could harm the pre-order numbers ? I have a feeling they are about to pull an mw2.

A dev has responded to this thread and I quote " The online experience does not support dedicated servers. ". After I posted this on reddit, a couple of gaming websites have featured the story as well. Spread the world and educate people as to we should not buy this game on PC.]