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    Eurogamer - 10/10

    "Fans of open-ended stealth are in some kind of heaven here."
    "Far Cry 3 is all the best things about open-world gaming."


    Vextor - I added these Reviews / Links into your post which II CASHnDASH II kindly listed at fcmaps.
    The biggest suprise for him was the 10/10 from Eurogamer. They are usually a tough bunch in terms of reviews...

    (Edit) After seeing all of these reviews i think it's pretty safe to say that the single player campaign in FC3 is going to be really fun!

    Lowest score He has seen so far was an 8, how often does that happen with ANY game ? Almost

    Eurogamer 10/10
    "In the past, Far Cry's vision of a first-person shooter RPG where you explore, master and then control your environment has always been more seductive on paper than any of its developers have managed to deliver on disc. Far Cry 3 changes all that. For me, this is the new apex predator of open-world shooters. Hunt it down as soon as you can."

    Strategyinformer 9/10
    "Top Game Moment: Hunting boars I was spotted by a gang of pirates. Armed with only a bow I snuck around and tried to pick them off Rambo-style, but as they closed in they were ambushed from the back by a tiger that mauled them to death. Hilarious."

    Ign 9/10
    "Far Cry 3 is important for the same reason as Far Cry 2. It’s a shooter that considers shooters thoughtfully, both in the way they’re designed and the way we play them, and then asks us to do the same. Should massacring hundreds be a great way to entertain ourselves? Maybe not. But it is."

    Playstation Magazine 9/10
    "Far Cry 3’s real triumph is blending so many elements into a cohesive whole without any feeling extraneous or tacked-on. Every element works and has its place, and contributes to a narrative that may not be class-leading but certainly exceeds expectations. It also possesses the perfect balance between steadily empowering you, yet never allowing you to feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what’s on offer – something even a game as great as Arkham City couldn’t manage. And what’s on offer is a hang-gliding, parachuting, quad-biking, shark-punching rebellion that satisfies on just about every level. It may not be reinventing the wheel, but it’s refining it, smoothing out the imperfections and sticking a ‘Wish You Were Here’ sticker on the hubcap."

    1up B-
    "Far Cry 3 works best when you're left to your own devices; I loved cruising around the expansive maps via land, sea, and air, and the general business of capturing bases presented interesting stealth puzzles that I often had to approach from different angles before finding one that worked. Missions tailored to serve the story, on the other hand, do a great disservice to the open world antics that exist outside the question of whether or not Jason Brody's murder of thousands will affect his immortal soul -- a question that's ultimately dismissed with just a single sentence by the patronizing ending. Yes, Far Cry 3 offers a handful of great-looking set pieces -- especially when Jason trips on psychedelic drugs -- but these attractions are ultimately just that: a guided, on-rails tour through some pretty scenery. If you're going into the game expecting the dark and savage tale of lost humanity promised by previews and trailers, just cut out the middleman and rent Francis Ford Coppola's take on the same idea -- it'll save you 50-odd bucks and at least 20 hours."

    Game Informer 9/10
    After two remarkable but uneven offerings, Far Cry finally pulls everything together in the third installment. The diverse open-world action, compelling story, and an alluring environment that begs exploration are all high water marks for the series. This is an island adventure all shooter fans should experience."

    Games Radar 4.5/5
    "You'll be eager to explore every bit of the tropical setting, to drive along the beach or hang glide over the ocean. You'll want to find lost treasures in the sunken ships that line the island's periphery and stab sharks to death for their valuable skins. You'll be compelled to save Jason's friends--even if they're super annoying--because attempting to do so means experiencing some of the most interesting missions you've likely seen in a shooter. And when tigers, bears, or other distractions randomly interrupt those missions, you'll have some pretty awesome stories to tell. That's just how Far Cry 3 rolls."

    CVG UK 9.4/10
    Power through visual hitches and a strained finale to find a spirited, brilliant open-world gem packed with extreme pursuits, stunning scenery and hoards of savage animals - both man and beast alike.

    OXM 9/10
    "Far Cry 3 isn't too much of a departure, once you actually get to grips with the landscape that stretches behind that fidgety, histrionic exterior. It is, however, handily the best game in the series so far, and deserves to hold its head high among this winter's noisy crowd of sandbox offerings. If madness is repetition, this is one reworking of a formula I don't mind losing my mind to."

    EGM 10/10

    "SUMMARY: A story that puts you on the edge of your seat from the second it starts. The deep, skillfully scripted campaign is something every gamer should experience."

    Gametrailers 8.6/10
    "The full map is absolutely massive, but the jungles, mountains, and beaches can start to feel samey after a while. However, the story missions do a good job of mixing it up, taking you to ships, eroded World War II bases, and buried Chinese ruins. The ever-present loot and collectibles are only as worthwhile as their value in cash or XP. However, hitting progression benchmarks does net you some great signature weapons. In all, a well-rounded journey through the campaign takes about 25 to 30 hours, still leaving plenty of tasks and territory to explore."

    Kotaku YES
    "Far Cry 3 is an example of the rare ambitious, big-budget game that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do—chaotic yet controlled, with a brilliantly-balanced mechanical ecosystem that challenges and empowers at every turn. It's a wild ride, and one well worth taking. Just watch out for crocodiles."

    Edge 8/10
    "Far Cry 3’s main missions are nothing special in and of themselves, and include one or two exhausting slogs and limp stealth sections, but the campaign does a better job than Far Cry 2’s storyline when it comes to providing an alternative to the open emergence of the player-authored escapades. Sure, it’s liable to all go a bit surreal, at times, with sequences that ram home the insanity theme, but its protagonists are sympathetic and charismatic, and the villains are loathsome, and it frequently forces Jason into the kind of confined spaces that he never finds outside.
    Regardless, Far Cry 3 is at home in the jungle. Wild, reactive and unpredictable, it’s where the series still feels so distinct from other FPSes. It’s built from many of the usual ingredients, including guns, explosive barrels, and thoughtfully placed cover, as well as few less usual ones – tigers, for a start – but refuses to tell you how to approach things or what to do with them. Visiting Rook Islands is no package holiday, then, but it’s a great place to make your own fun."

    HardCoreGamer 4/5

    After endless hours of play, though, that’s the only major complaint I was able to come up with, which is pretty amazing for a game of Far Cry 3‘s scope. There’s a giant world to explore here, loaded with details and fantastically pretty. Whether you’re stealthing your way through a ramshackle outpost or climbing a radio tower on top of a mountain, it’s always engaging, pulling you effortlessly from one scenario to the next and hitting all the right notes along the way. It’s fun to plant an arrow in the back of an unsuspecting enemy, and it’s also fun to find a hidden cave on the side of a cliff that leads to ancient ruins. Far Cry 3 lets you set your own pace and play in your own style, and that makes it almost impossible to put down.

    VideoGamer 9/10
    Far Cry 3 shines in its campaign, which is more layered and compelling than any game proffering a power trip through escapist ultraviolence has any right to be. You could dismiss it all as offensive macho garbage, sure, but you could also read it as a unblinking look at the primal appeal of becoming capable at dishing out violence and how the confidence this confers can both attract and repel others. It's the sort of impact that could only be made by a video game, as in this medium neither responsibility for one's actions nor risk to one's well-being are realistic concerns. It's like disconnecting one's mind from reality; nothing is real, everything is permitted and madness is the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card.
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    LOL indeed - Awesomesauce all round
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    Ok Im going to take my pants off since I cant stand this excitement anymore!
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    Congrats Ubi!
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    Not that Eurogamer is paid for reviews.....

    Why do you people only watch for review scores? If I throw 60$ at something I want to know what it is about BEFORE I spend the money. These review charts don't help at all, you may know what THAT ONE reviewer thought of the game but you have to read to understand where someone is coming from.

    I much rather read unpaid, honest, unbiased reviews like Rock,Paper,Shotgun for example.
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    Kotaku Review HERE

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    My pants just got smaller!!!
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    Originally Posted by abon123 Go to original post
    Not that Eurogamer is paid for reviews.....

    Why do you people only watch for review scores? If I throw 60$ at something I want to know what it is about BEFORE I spend the money. These review charts don't help at all, you may know what THAT ONE reviewer thought of the game but you have to read to understand where someone is coming from.

    I much rather read unpaid, honest, unbiased reviews like Rock,Paper,Shotgun for example.
    Reviews are good to watch if you are unsure about a game, they can explain what is good and what is bad. For me reviewers can give 5, but I would have bought it anyway because in my opinion it is a perfect game for such people as me (love stealthy too).

    And when a game gets 10, people that don't like Far cry generally will take a look and maybe buy it too!
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    Awesome, congrats to the whole team, getting a 10/10 review must feel amazing, the only thing I can think to ;liken to in my own life is the applause you get after performing in a show.

    can't wait to play this game its gonna be amazing.
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    Eurogamer paid for? I dunno, they are one of the few major sites that I routinely agree with, scoring wise.
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