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    Homestead Missions not appearing

    It may just be in the map, but my brother has not had any homestead missions aside from the wood carver, the lumberjacks, and the farmer couple.

    When I played it, however, I was able to get all the homestead missions and recruit all of the other homestead civilians.

    We both play on the same PS3, but use separate accounts and I was the first to play it on the same PS3.

    Is this a glitch or bug?

    Also, regarding the map, a lot of Liberation missions did not appear on the maps. I had to hunt down the individual missions in order to recruit the rest of the Assassins. Is this another glitch or bug?

    If so, hope you can fix this. My brother really wants the double holster and the war tomahawk.
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    Homestead missions are unlocked with each sequence:
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