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    [Mac] OS X 10.7.4 Universal Installer initially 2 ch audio, then only 1 ch

    I'm using the Universal Installed version — linked to in other areas of this forum — on my Macbook 2.2ghz Intel with 6gb RAM and NVidia Geforce 8600 MT with 128 MB. I'm using an external 1600x 900 display and internal (no game). Currently the OS X 10.7.4 32bit-mode kernel is used, though my CPU is 64bit.

    The app runs very nicely with great fluid graphics, but besides the first run when I had great 2 channel audio, on second run there's only the right channel. Of course all other audio from other apps are in both speakers, meaning system audio is good as before and I'm getting only one channel out from the game!

    So I deleted everything including the 2 folders and the plist and lockfile in Library, turned off wineserver in Terminal. I didn't find anything about Cider. Then I reinstalled everything again exacrly as first time. Still only the right channel!!!

    I'm going to verify built-in audio instead of my soundcard (Echo Indigo), but it seems it should either both channels or none to me. I also will try in 64bit kernel mode, but I don't think that is it.

    Any suggestion on how to think about this? Besides this issue I haven't discovered anything not working —*I have yet to encounter parts with known issues —·and in the first age everything seems fine including sound though only on one channel.

    We've managed realMyst on my old G5 and Riven trough RivenX on this machine (Excellent, though we also got it on iPad) so we can't give up now! Please share your experiences and thought on this issue!
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    So it was related to the audio card. If I go from the built-in audio I get both channels. Possibly the app is sending audio directly to my echo indigo. I'll have to investigate what happens with my right channel in the chain from app out. If I reroute the audio so I can control it before it's going to the audio card I should be able to finally send both channels out.
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