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    Lock On, Eagle Dynamics, and the yoke that is Ubisoft


    Firstly, why does Ubisoft not sell Lock On: Modern Air Combat in their webshops for digital download on their European websites?

    Secondly, you should release all your rights to this title, as it is not yours to rightfully distribute. LOMAC was developed by Eagle Dynamics in 2003, and you should no longer be able to justifiably maintain any rights to their product. You are thiefs and scoundrels and should not treat your European customers like this. Do you know how many people are affected by the fact that ED cannot release their products free of the yoke that is Ubisoft.

    I demand an official answer to this post. I speak on behalf of thousands of flight sim enthusiasts.

    With sincere disappointment,
    Olai Solheim
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    You "demand"? All 7 of you are upset that you cant find the official digital download page for LOMAC have to have someone in a position of power HOLD YOUR HAND to "supply you with a download link"? Get real.
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