Dear Champions,

Please find below the list of rules for the 1st Duel of Champions World Championship with semi-finals and finals at the DreamHack convention in Sweden.
Introductory post soon linked here.
  • Every participant is asked to post his name and country of origin on a specific thread in order to apply for the tournament.
  • As the game is not officially launched in this region, the tournament is not open to players from North America.
  • Once the deadline is over, the team will choose 16, 32, 64 or 128 participants from the list of enlisted participants.
  • According to the number of participants, the list of dates for the different qualifying duels of the tournament is set (for example if there are 128 participants, 5 dates are selected for the qualifying duels).
  • Participants will then be sent the account name and password to the new accounts provided for the tournament. These accounts include 3 booster packs and players are not allowed to compete, do the campaign or buy any extra gold or packs on this account: any player who does this will be disqualified instantly.
  • Participants are then paired up for the first set of duels: they have to contact each other and find a suitable time for their duel together, within the timeframe set previously by the CM. If a suitable timeframe cannot be found, they need to contact the CM.
  • Every participant must then add his opponent as an in-game friend and take part in a friendly duel against him at the appropriate time.

    • The winner must then provide a screenshot of the victory on the appropriate forum thread to get to the next stage.
    • In case one player fails to turn up at the right time, the other player must take a screenshot of the game open at the appropriate time, send it to the CM and he will be the victor.
    • If an error occurs (Bloomberg or disconnect etc.), the game should be repeated as long as the player who encountered the error provides a screenshot with it in the game. If a player does not provide the screenshot, the game is classified as a defeat for the player who had the error.
    • When they enter the tournament, players are committing to being present at the appointed dates.
    • Players are also committing to sending in the result screen as proof of victory.
  • The 4 finalists will then be contacted in preparation of their trip to Sweden. During this time, separate on-line semi-finals and finals will take place for the 4 runners-up or the finalists if they cannot go to Sweden (in this case, the runners-up will be offered the trip).
  • Only players 18 years old or more will get the chance to go the Sweden for legal reasons. Anyone under 18 to reach the semi-finals and finals will automatically compete in the on-line semi-finals and finals.
  • Only players from the European Union will be able to participate in the semi-finals and finals at Sweden.
    If you do not live in the European Union, you can only take part in the on-line category.

A chat service on an external website will be provided during the tournament, enabling players to communicate before, during and after matches.

The preliminary games (rounds 1, 2 and 3) are played in one duel, rounds 4, 5 and 6 will be a best of 3 and the finals a best of 5.

We strongly suggest that, during the tournament period, you check your personal in-box and the relevant forum posts as often as possible!

Thank you,
Aza404 and the DoC Team