I don't know if these 2 things are related but this is the order it affected me in.

There is a game breaking bug in assassins creed liberation. It exists in the newest patched version if the game. After experiencing the same problem as the user in this forum


I exited the game through the start menu to reload it and the game would no longer load and kept resetting back to the ubisoft logo. I was at least 10 hours in with side missions and collections quite thoroughly completed. Other users are experiencing corrupt save problems as well and have to do restarts. Consumers deserve to be made aware of this game breaking bug until it is (hopefully) patched before they lose their progress/purchase this broken game. Other users experience a similar problem but instead of the game returning to title remain stuck in the animus loading screen. Please sticky this forum and give a response. I suffered this bug initially on Saturday and since then more buyers have had the issue:

More links for evidence showing consumer frustration:





This website review also mentions reports of save corruption:


I found all these links performing a google search

Wish I was aware if this before wasting 10+ hours!

Matt Willis