hey there,

after not having played bge since an eternity, i decided to reinstall it again.

contrary to my expectations tho, the game let me down, as i'm struggling with the installation and facing a weird bug.
i accept that it's a natural process to switch cds once in a while (in my case, 2 cds), in order to keep the installation going. however, after 3/4 of the installation, i'm asked to insert the 3rd disk
needless to mention that i ain't particulaly enthralled, considering that, as aforementioned, i only own the 2-cd-version. i'm thus unable to continue and left with confusion as how to tackle this problem.

has anybody else encountered this problem already and/or would anybody be so kind to provide tips? it appears to be a rather uncommon thing, but i hope that somebody will be able to assist me.