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    Stuntman's gameplay dramas

    Hello guys! I'm completely unknown to moviemaking in the IL2 engine - thus I always rely on real-time gameplay recording to try and get some exciting or dramatic video out of my flying experiences. Whether it has a storyline or not, I enjoy making both artistic and action packed gameplay videos with a bit of extra, personal touch.

    If anyone has any comments about whether they like these gameplay videos or not, what they would like to see more or less of, or perhaps something I missed completely? All comments are welcome!So without further ado: here's my humble productions...All are in 1080p and make sure to enjoy them in fullscreen!

    Playlist containing all vids: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL97FBB2BD486C6E9A

    Videos are listed historically from 1939 to 1945
    Latest released campaign: Stalingrad 1942
    Current ongoing campaign:
    Murmansk 1943 & Malta 1943

    Crete 1941 SEOW

    IL-2 1946 - EAF - Crete 1941 SEOW - Calm before the storm

    IL-2 1946 - EAF - Crete 1941 SEOW - The Invasion

    IL-2 1946 Crete 1941 SEOW - Bombers on the Deck - EAF

    *NEW* Stalingrad 1942 SEOW

    *NEW!*Stalingrad 1942 SEOW - "The end of the beginning" - IL-2 raid on German airfield

    *NEW!*IL-2 Shturmoviks over Stalingrad 1942 - Incoming Bandits!

    *NEW!*IL-2 Stalingrad 1942 - "The Black Death"

    *NEW!*IL-2 Stalingrad 1942 SEOW - IL-2 Shturmoviks in Close Air Support

    *NEW!*IL-2 Stalingrad 1942 SEOW - IL-2 raid going from bad to worse

    *NEW!*IL-2 Stalingrad 1942 SEOW - "The Big Push" - IL-2 air raid on an Axis supply centre

    *NEW!*IL-2 Stalingrad 1942 SEOW - Shturmoviks attacking isolated Axis tanks

    *NEW!*IL-2 Stalingrad 1942 SEOW - Shturmoviks defending the southern control point


    Italy 1943 SEOW (internal EAF331 campaign)

    IL2 Sturmovik - Italy 1943 SEOW - Allied Aircraft - European Air Force

    Normandy 1944 SEOW

    IL2 Sturmovik: 1946 - EAF - Normandy 1944 SEOW - Mission 15 - Hawker Typhoon

    IL2 Sturmovik: 1946 - EAF - Normandy 1944 SEOW - Mission 16 - de Havilland Mosquito

    IL2 Sturmovik: 1946 - The human in us

    Marianas 1944 SEOW

    IL2 Sturmovik: 1946 European Air Force - Thunderbolt Emergency Landing in the Pacific

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    The invasion has begun.

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    Hey again guys! I just wanted to update all of you that EAF and I are currently fighting over Stalingrad in a SEOW campaign. The campaign is the reenactment of Operation Uranus and is still on-going. Thus I cannot release any videos as of yet, until the campaign is over.

    Be glad to know that I have already made SIX Stalingrad videos and more to come! Make sure to stay tuned once the campaign is over, then I will release all of them!
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    The final video is out. I put my heart and a lot of passion into this. My personal best. I hope you enjoy it.

    23rd November 1942. The last hours of Operation Uranus lies ahead.
    It is the second last mission of the campaign.

    The USSR is on the brink of victory over the Axis - but one town will decide the fate of the entire campaign. The stakes could not be higher. Our finest hour is ahead.

    I have been given a very special mission. If I fail, all our struggles would have been in vain.

    In the name of the motherland! I will not let you down.

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