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  • Yes I would like to see add-ons

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  • It should be an option open to the player

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  • No, this idea is stupid

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    I can see the case being made for the removal of deck guns but allowing the player to 'upgrade' extra AA guns and so on seems a bit 'arcade' for my tastes. Were U-boat Commanders allowed this lee way in real life? If it was more guns i was after, i'd rather accept a transfer to a late model Type 9.

    Personally speaking, i would have thought that diving deep would be a better way ( and more realistic) than adding more guns in the hope they might save your life.

    Still, its an interesting idea.
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    i have to agree with you on that note. Adding more guns would seem a little unrealistic, but i know that some U-boat captians did have extra AA guns as part of the flack boat plan.
    But the side-affect is; the submarine does not submerge where it would be safer, but rather, stays in a vulnerable position.
    this was known to have deathly effect...
    But i would still like to have the ability to do something along the lines of costumisation...
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    Customisation of a U-boat was probably quite difficult. I can't really think of too many things on it that weren't pretty essential or things that simply would not be allowed.

    I think though that allowing the player to remove the deck gun is a good one, especially later in the war when using it in combat became a heck of a lot more dangerous.

    In terms of customisation, have you read 'Iron Coffins' by Herbert Werner? since i saw this topic i have been thinking about the Latter part of that book where he tries to track down a Schnorkal unit for his Boat. He went to a lot of trouble to find one, being convinced that it might very well save the lives of his crew...Maybe after certain dates we could request equipment, although we might not get it.

    This would seem to me a perfectly realistic way of upgrading things, as long as we could get knocked back by BdU!
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    I think choosing your own weapon/loadout is not very realistic. Don't think a U-boat captain could do that. maybe a top ace could suck up do K. Donuts and get what he wanted But I never read that a normal commander could do this.

    Of course choosing/importing you own tower logo would be very nice. Even SHII had that option so I assume SHIII will have that as well.


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    Yes, but to some extent. Not like adding twenty torpedoes, but customizing tower logo, maybe removing some guns, but not adding them. This combined with complete control over crew management would be awesome, maybe have options for a War Correspondant and a Mexican First Mate to join the crew
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    i quite like the idea of having the option to remove AA guns perhaps gaining a fraction of a knot in submerged speed and allso being able to use the vacant AA gun position to mount an extra pair of binoculars perhaps, be a nice option
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    Doesn't matter to me if the player can customize his boat inside the game, except for the truly important modifications, like tower art . What matters to me is that the player can modify his boat outside the game, as a mod.
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    I'd like to be able to choose my torpedoes, and where they're stacked in the boat. Don't wanna pull a T V out of the bow room, across the deck, into the stern room just because there's one T V in the tube and 2 T I in the room. Maybe even an option to choose from HE/AP ammo for the Flak guns. I'd say some accurate 37mm AP shells could help out sinking that small freighter, if the 105mm is dry . And with a decent DM, it could be possible to take out those relatively small turrets on the later Victory class freighters with the Flak gunnage. But this all has to be quite realistic. I don't wanna be able to knock out a Destroyer's main gun with 20mm AP shells, and I don't wanna have 2 deck guns if this wasn't possible IRL. Furthermore I'd like to have the AI crewmembers shoot the Flak where I shoot it. There were Type IX boats with 3 20mm Zwillings and one 37mm gun. I'd man one of these and I tell my crew to shoot the same direction I shoot, to strenghten fire. 6 20mm and 1 37mm can be quite dangerous for any plane, and even for some smaller ships when loaded with AP shells. Of course you'd have to get quite close then. Those ships didn't have that much wall thickness, even destroyers were quite light.
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