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    i want house credits please
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    Hi Ozzumanson666,

    House Credits will be earned as you progress through the game. They can be earned by completing cases and also by adding friends who accept your invitation to the game. They can also be earned by completing some side cases, (Ie. Assisting Taub, Chase etc) and by completing “Watch and Earn” tasks on the right. They may also be purchased and can be used to buy premium items and complete gameplay faster.

    Stay tuned for upcoming monthly challenges as well!

    HouseMD Team
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    i just starting to play. what can you tell me about this game? T.Y.
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    I miss watching House M.D., and compensate by playing the game. LOL I am hopeless.
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    Hi. I just realised that I don't think I ever received my House credits for the October challenge, and I know I cured enough patients :D so...how's this fixed?
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