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    Getting back into SHAUN WHITE.......any takers?

    Hey folks, it's been quite a while since I ventured onto the slopes for a little powder action but I'm looking to restart. I thought I'd come here and put the word about to see if anyone would like to join me?

    I'll be hosting servers daily as of 30th Sep 2012, so if you feel like joining me.....please're more than welcome
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    Hope your still monitoring this post. Just got back into playing shaun white ever it finally working with quadbuffer and playing in 3D now. I would like to play onine with someone to give it a go. Haven't done it in a while so how should i go about getting online to play with you?? What days and time would you be playing?? I live in East Coast U.S. Time zone. Let me know if the offer still stands. Also, I'm guessing this is for the pc??
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    Havent played in a few years just got the itch and rebought it today downloading it now also if i own a server can i host one or does it have to be gameservers or something like that
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    well, when i last went on the mulitiplayer, which was about 3 weeks ago. It seems like you can connect via the internet option under multiplayer and the LAN option as well. I'm just not sure how to do much since I've never managed to find anyone to play online with.
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    ASCENT-SIXX's Avatar Junior Member
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    Dec 2012
    I'm definitely down to play online with you guys as well. Add me on PSN: Ascent-Sixx
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    Anyone still playing this game??
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