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    What happened to ghost recon???


    Tom Clancy's series has been around for a long time, yet the multiplayer pc experience with GRFS seems like this was their first attempt at multiplayer gaming.

    Rainbow Six series allowed for downloadable weapons mods, modifiable characters (you could add your Clan's own patch to the character's uniform), and the options to join whichever server you wanted at any time. The servers showed connection strength, numbers of players, with each having a chat room so you could coordinate.


    No offense Ubisoft, but Red Storm knew how to develop a multiplayer game, and the Rainbow Six series had far more allowable customization and flexibility, and less BUGs.

    I have a better than average connection, disabled firewall, CAT 6 hard-wired connection to a top-of-the-line gaming router, with a quad core I7 and GE Force graphics card and still deal with frequent "connection lost to server" and other buggy issues. WHAT'S THE DEAL UBISOFT? Of course there will be occasional connection losses, but it shouldnt take 15-20min (sometimes more) to get a game going. PLEASE FIX THESE CONNECTIONS ISSUES (or find a new way).

    You have loyal followers who love the game and only want to be able to PLAY. The problem is Ubisoft seems less than willing to take a serious look at fixing these issues and providing good customer service. It's amazing you still have customers with the problems this game has.

    The entire friends deal in GRFS is less than stellar. Its a great platform that has potential, but not enough flexibility. ONLY 10 FRIENDS?? REALLY??? An average clan has a lot more than 10 members, some over 100, or even 1,000. Why is it such a big deal to show a friend as being online or getting someone to join one of your games. The option to JOIN a friend playing another game is an excellent idea, the only issue is there is no TWO WAY COMMUNICATION. If a friend is in a game you cant send a message and say "Hey brother, please invite me to your game". There is no two-way communication, which makes it frustrating to coordinate with your team.

    Im sorry but the weapons need improvement. The options are very limited, and even afte you work your way up to a higher level, the new weapons offered really arent much better than the ones you have already been using. Shouldnt you have more options, or at the very least, more powerful weapons. Some of the higher level weapons are worse than the lower level ones.

    Only one grenade? REALLY?? Most soldier carry more than 1 grenade, why not 3? Or the option of more the higher level you attain (ie. a pouch that allows 2 or 3 at a higher level).

    We need MORE MAPS! We love the game, but the same maps gets very old quickly. Why not let us use some of the maps in Guerrilla warfare options, or come out with some expansion packs. The game will not grow if new options, maps, fixes, do not become available.

    I hope someone out there is listening to the customer and fixes some of these issues in an otherwise great game with LOTS OF POTENTIAL.

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    Hello Hawk,

    You right, most of the things you said can be fixed, like grenades, weapons, maps and friends, but the connection its diferent, its because of the Yeti Engine, doesnt work on GRFS and doesnt work on GRO for the PC, and the diferent behivor, its because of the diferent teams that are working on the games, the GRO Team somehow limited the issues about connections, and the GRFS Team are completly lost on the process, when they make a patch, the game become more issued, beside the 1.4 that somehow worked for some people, but I dont think that they have any room for maneuver, the engine is very limited and dont support what you, others and I want, they had to change it from the base, and that is not going to happens(Limited Resources). I only hope that they had learned something with this, but the most ironic is one of the best game ideas was the worst development in ubisoft/industry history.

    PS Sorry for my English, I hope you understand what im trying to say.
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