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    When is this game coming out?

    Is there any word on an eventual release date or when the beta is supposedly going to be up and running?
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    No, not right now. The game is still in a very early alpha status.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you Aenlin, nice to finally get an answer lol. (:
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    we are waiting)
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    what time to game come
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    ....i'm still waiting...
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    i don't waiting anymore ;(.
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    It would help if we could get at least some estimated time of arrival...
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    The issue is that in an early Aplha stage it is next to impossible to give an accurate release date. They could give a date telling us when they would LIKE the game to be ready. But before they have gone through enough to more or less be finished enough to see a beta-testing phase on the horizon there just is no telling.
    It could be one year it could be three. It all depends on the size of the team, the funds, the amount of work they have to put in to be able to make the game the way they want it.

    So, don't expect a date any time soon. (:
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    Funny thing is, BB made that september backstage video telling us about this game and asking us to subscribe.
    So you would expect the game to go beta sometime soon.

    When that's not the case, maybe because they've encountered nasty problems and they're working hard to solve it, that's completely fine with me.
    But at least get out some communication: our e-mail adresses are known, or maybe if that's too much trouble make a note on the homepage that this game won't be out for at least several months or something.

    It's probably not the wait that pushes people away, it's the lack of communication...
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