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    Cant download GR FS via Uplay...

    Your community manager said this : "Yes, I can absolutely confirm that you can download your game via the Uplay client as many times as you wish and without limitation in time.

    This is true for all games bought from a digital store or retail that use the Uplay client.

    The only exception is games bought on Steam, which won't appear in in the Uplay account and have to be siwnloassd via the Steam client. "

    ...but for some unknown reasons for me, I have no option to download GR FS via Uplay...What is going on..?


    If I click on GRFS, I will get only an option to play the game....But the game is not installed and never was, I installed Win 7 just 2 days ago...I bought the game via Ubisoft online store.
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    Wow, did I really manage to type "siwnloassd" instead of "downloaded"? I can't even blame auto-correct!

    We've had a delay for GRFS, which is not available yet in the Uplay Shop. I've just been told that it should go up very soon (next week, could be earlier), after which the option to download the game via the Uplay Client will be available. Sorry for this inconvenience: our plan is of course to have this option available on release day for all upcoming games.

    As the GRFS thumbnail shows on the picture you've attached, I believe you've already installed the game on another computer? If you don't have the .exe anymore and are eager to play on this computer, I recommend that you contact Support with your situation and they will help you out.
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