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    So... the 'Altar of Wishes' on the website-Conflux... not working?

    So, I recently discovered that the website has its own 'Conflux' interface. The Soul Forge seems useful. But there's also an 'Altar of Wishes' there, which - judging from what I can see - contains 'website-exclusive' stuff that you can't get from the in-game Altar of Wishes. I'm assuming that this is where you can get the 4th and 5th Trait-slots, which is something I've been wondering about for a while.

    Only problem is, the Altar doesn't seem to be working. The interface is all there, but the list of things-for-sale shows a 'loading' animation, and never stops. I've turned off all my add-blockers, still doesn't work. I tried running it in Internet Explorer, and that just made the whole website turn wonky. I even tried running it in Chrome, just to cover all my bases, but nothing's changed.

    So... before I start jumping through hoops trying to get it to work to me, I just wanna make sure it's working for everybody else, and not just, y'know, not working at all ever for anyone. Which wouldn't really surprise me, all things considered.
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    Last time I checked (around a week ago), there used to be exactly 0 web exclusive items in Altar of Wishes. And yes, I can confirm that since yesterday (perhaps earlier), AoW in the conflux will not load.
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    So, I discover its existence immediately after it stops working... but it's cool because there's nothing worthwhile there anyway. Yup, that sounds 'bout right where my usual luck is concerned.

    Just weird that they have a little ' Website Exclusive' marker but nothing to use it for.

    ...wait, if that's the case... then where DO you get the 4th and 5th trait-slots from? >_> I thought I'd finally figured it out...
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    Originally Posted by BlakeTheDrake Go to original post
    . then where DO you get the 4th and 5th trait-slots from?
    I would also like to know this, maybe future DLCs will unlock them, that would be nice because it would give people a big incentive to buy them.
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    Currently you can't unlock and use 4th and 5th hero trait slot by any means. Also Pirate DLC won't unlock them.
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    Hmm... that puts doubt to the 'unlocked by DLC' theory. After all, considering the announced 'Gold Edition' to be released with the second DLC-pack, it's probably safe to assume that there will be exactly 2 DLC packs - and if so, it would be logical to 'release' one Trait-slot with each, rather than saving them both for the last one.

    Hey, here's a theory - maybe the reason why the AoW is down is that they're updating it with new, website-exclusive stuff - including at least one extra Trait-slot, and maybe some more Pets! ...well, probably not, but it COULD be. Just sayin'.
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    Nothing on that site has ever worked for me.
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