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    Stalemate on saboteur

    A game of saboteur i played on pipeline turned into stalemate because Bodark dropped the bomb on the road between the two bridges, and no one could get it because of the snipers. What I'd like to know is would it be viable to push the respawn lines (the red tape around spawns) back a few metres, making it possible to go up on the bridges and kill the snipers? As it stands you have to embark on a suicide mission if you want to take one out. You just have time, especially on Bodark side, to get up on the bridge and kill the sniper before you die yourself (i've done it). It might also stop a lot of wannabes sniping from the spawn for the entire game if they know they can be killed. You can't even get them with the UCAV. The respawn areas are pretty big, wasted in most cases, and i think this could be done.
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    That's how saboteur is meant to be played. You ignore the bomb, throw tons of sensors and such and camp til someone gets an intel lead and then sit in spawn and go get a sandwich. Same as stockade or siege.
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