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    is rayman legends only coming for wiiu?

    is rayman legends only coming for wiiu? I loved rayman origins on the xbox and think it's a shame if rayman legends is only for the wiiu.
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    I wonder the same thing, I always liked RAyman since I was young, I would really like to see the game on the PC, and of course on Steam.
    Even if the price will be €60, just tell me once it is released and I will buy it.
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    rayman legends on xbox?

    I guess that an issue that could prevent Rayman coming to XBOX360 would be the wiiU control system, with touch screens.
    But since we have the XBOX draw tablet and now the XBOX smartglass this is not a problem anymore

    I guess that they (Ubisoft) are possibly wondering what would be the best solution and I think Smartglass will be the new bet for XBOX 360 gaming to "face" the Nintendo competition.

    If I am right I wonder...

    ... maybe Rayman Legends will be the first smartglass game ?
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