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    Joining the Uplay suck wagon.

    Luckily it only cost me $1 to figure out how freagin bugged this crap is... I deleted the file downloaded with uplay manually cus it was all jacked up after installing... When i went to try to redownload it.... it doesnt even give me the option. so i send in a ticket for help and i have been talking to customer service for the pass 10 days... to tell you the truth, they dont know jack. They've been sending me on a wild goose chase. i dont care about my dollar but i want my refund cus i dont want to contribute to crap.
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    What the....?
    You are treating your customers like feces and torturing them with not-working DRM and poor qualitiy ports, and then you are raging about your so called "piracy"?

    What a bunch of hipoctitical, lying B******s you are.

    Here.... you know the Numbers:

    You made more than one Billion USD from Assassins Creed in the first Year! And overhyping yourself at the Gamescom was in your Budget?

    Noone but you is ruining your Businnes.
    You forced your fans into cracking your Games, because your stupid launchers and accounts wouldn't work.

    Keep that in mind, when you start crying about a "problem" you caused by yourself!
    You Hipocritical *******!
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    What happened?
    I bought From dust the day it came out at full price. It wasn't perfect, but I had fun. Sadly my computer broke a few days later and I never reinstalled From Dust until today. I bought this game through Steam, NOT UPlay.
    Let me launch my game from Steam again please.

    Secondly, it won't let me play through UPlay. I made an account, but when it asked me to enter the product key code, it told me someone else was using that key. So I can't even play MY game I paid $15.99(?). Steam has records stating that that is MY keycode.
    I fulfill every requirement that is listed in your EULA for the right to play the game. Just either give me my game back or refund my money in full.
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    Hi Eatenplace7439, serial keys can only be once. Please try logging in with the same Uplay account you originally used to install it.
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    Uplay Sucks will not play Far Cry 3 with such intrusive setup

    Ubisoft. really, you want to go the way of EA as the most hated company in gaming? I want my money back! Refuse to play Far Cry 3 through Uplay. The only way game companies will stop this practice is if gamers refuse to buy games running through these portals.
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    Originally Posted by iNvidious02 Go to original post
    the "buffoon" who made the 95% piracy rate comment is the CEO of Ubisoft. I'm pretty sure the number is not accurate, but i dont doubt its that far off.

    Also, you're having issues with one game - settlers 7, which is one of the few games left that still retains always on DRM.

    All of their other games have had the obtrusive DRM either removed, or toned down significantly. Pretty sure their future titles will have the same standard DRM most games have - a one time activation. Now that they have a uPlay client to bind and manage games, the DRM will be no different from Steam or Origin.

    Lot of people are quick to **** on stuff, but have no idea what has changed. I guess its some lame attempt at trying to justify piracy by continuing to harp on about how bad Ubi DRM is, when the fact is that they backtracked on their draconian DRM for the majority of their games a while ago.
    It's now 30 Dec 2012, and lets take a look at some of the games people still have Uplay issues with, (that I have had issues with), and why I cant bring myself to buy other games with the Uplay Game Client/DRM.

    Anno 2070, Driver: San Francisco, and Splinter Cell conviction have been out over a year, and you'll find forum posts, rants, rages, support ticket issues all dealing with the obstructive force that is Uplay. My brother and I tried setting up a multi-player game of Splinter Cell Conviction, and found my self troubleshooting to open up every port known to man and having to manually open the closed ones just to allow the program to do what I needed it to. Regardless, it still didn't work. And people will say 'Firewall', 'didn't open the right ports', 'something or other you're doing it wrong'... Why do I have to go to 1990 tactics of playing games online to play a game in 2012 online, co-op?

    Far Cry 3 has been out only a short time, and already you will find a limitless number of complaints associated with the Uplay game client.

    You know if you are going to complain about UPlay, you should try to be constructive. Ubisoft can't fix the "blah blah blah UPlay sucks....blah blah Boycott" nonsense. If you have a problem, let us know what it is CONSTRUCTIVELY.
    The blah blah blah are the constant inability to connect online, simple network play, the enjoyment of a game cooperatively without having to fight a program to do what it should naturally be capable of accomplishing. The general Uplay connection mishaps. The people who pay money through Steam, that are using earned money, practicing legal purchasing rights without infringing on Ubisoft nightmares, and are confronted by further hurdles and bindings. It can't be that difficult (respectively) to remove your DRM requirement from games that are being purchased legally. The people living in the 5% are treated like the majority in their statistics.

    What kind of constructive feedback would you prefer? Pages of intelligible and informed decision making of how to fix it all? We're the customers(and this is still the internet where face, manners, and general personal demeanor go out the window). We explain and inform the distributors of our issues, and they utilize their know how inside their departments to attain what we need. All the big problems have been brought up by now, because they've continuously been the same thing.

    What you're suggesting... is having a person Spend their money on this list:

    (games that utilize Uplay)

    And upon spending their money, thoroughly seek out each individual issue with each individual game so they can provide a most likely still technically shallow answer to what you want them to provide. (I purchased Splinter Cell Conviction solely to play multiplayer/Co-Op. The daunting wall that I was faced with to get to that point was at a point so far beyond frustrating, that I just closed the game. My brother and I, both decently tech savy, said 'Maybe another day we'll figure it out, but i'm too frustrated at the moment.) I was looking at Anno 2070, and was about to buy it when I realized it was backed by Uplay. and chose not to because I didnt want to chance facing the same level of irritation after purchasing the game. I would be utterly speechless should I be stuck unable to play and angry.

    I personally purchase my games through Steam because I've been using it since before it was a store, before the community portions, before all the holiday sales, and Game Hubs. Back when you'd input a registration code to confirm you did in fact purchase a game. Steam in so many ways makes things accessible, smooth to operate, provide servers for their games, improve, fix, enable. In the end, they are making stupid amounts of social equity due to the reliability of their games. I don't know if I was more dumbfounded by the fact that Splinter Cell didn't work or that Steam would allow such shinanegans to enter the steam community.

    How do I prove to ubisoft I buy my games so they can figure out how I can smoothly play them? Need to check my steam library? Ensure they're there? Ensure I'm not making it up to rant or rage?
    Steam ID: Vispilio

    Let's be honest... the only thing that can fix the problem, would be not being blind to the issue that is staring them in the face. Remember when Sega Dreamcast failed and Sega realized it? And now they just publish and make games? That was a big blow to someones pride, but they still provide some very decent games years later, and they're not looked at like the chumps who couldnt keep up in the console race. What kind of name/legacy is ubisoft leaving for themselves. In our ADHD society, we remember what stands out the most. and hold people to the worst they present themselves as. Ubisoft, in the end, will face the same judgemental customer base. Maybe there will be people that spend their money regardless. However, the boycott, the reputation, they will stay at large with the 5% of us that refuse to endure what Ubisoft is offering.
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    It has been several years since I last purchased an Ubi game. Two days ago I purchased AC: Revelations through steam. Downloaded it and installed it. 20 hours ago I go to play the game and it launches uplay. I register and create an account, login to both uplay and ubi (obviously), yet uplay says i cannot connect. Tells me there is a service down and to try again later. It is hard to give constructive criticism on something that doesnt work at all, so the only thing i can say constructively about it is....GET RID OF UPLAY!

    Well I play games on the weekend and now the weekend is over, so I will have to wait another week to try this out again. This is unacceptable. Please tell me why it is easier to download a hacked copy of the game and play it offline than it is to purchase a legitimate copy? If I am not able to play the game by Friday night (a week after its purchase) I will be contacting customer service for a refund.
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    About 2 months ago I bought Assassin's Creed 3 in the pre-order deluxe digital edition, and got my first problem since the game came out late for pc, the I finally get the game, oh glory... Until I played it. It came so buggy you couldn't even go online, and I couldn't finish my game 100% because the game won't let me me do one of those optional missions within missions, then I wanted to Heroes of Might and Magic 6, then I saw it was Ubisoft's, and I thought and thought until I finally got the game, 10 minutes of fun, and the game crashes, I thought it was only this time, then it happened again, and again, and again, and the I go to the forums to see if someone's got a problem like me, what do I see? My problem has happened to people for 4 months now, and still they haven't fixed it, so then I guess I know why people pirate Ubisoft's games, because pirating you get the same support as if you bought the game, NONE. So Ubisoft, before saying Pirating is getting you down, start helping the people that actuaaly bought your games, get rid of uplay, it doesn't stop any pirates, stop selling broken games, and stop calling yourself the victim, cause it's OUR money that's paying your salaries, and I guess we should get some respect for that.
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    i have the problem that long time ago i bought hawx 2 and i made a uplay account back then
    now i buy far cry 3 without knowing it was uplay
    so i install and then get uplay ok so i install and make an account cuz i totally forgot my old hawx 2 account so now i have 2 uplay account the hawx game have my original nickname that i normally use and far cry has my original mail adres and there is no way to merge them together or whatsoever and u cant even change the nicknames lol its sad and yes i dont buy any uplay game anymore i called ubi support for 10 minutes and i mailed them and nobody can help cuz all the cd keys are supposed to be locked to each name .... commie piece of software company. even ea have better origin then this uplay crap i regret my far cry insane edition purchase allot i havend even finsihed it and lost intrest cuz all the accounts are messed up. thanks ubisoft for your incompetent service. goodbye
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    I am of the opinion that telling someone how they can improve is 100x more powerful then telling them they need to improve.

    One major problem I have with Uplay, just trying to play Farcry 3, is that the Uplay client for Steam is a striped version of the regular Uplay client. I was trying to input my Driver cd key and found out that only keys bought from the Ubisoft store will work on Uplay.
    This is probably more Steam not wanting to sell a competing service then Ubisoft. But it still is very agravating, if you are already going through the effort of striping down a program, for Steam, then why not integrate it with steam. I realize you probably want people to use your service. But forcing people to use your service will not get them to come back.

    Even now, I waited until Farcry went on sale on Steam because I didnt want to mess with Uplay. For several reasons.
    Because It is inconvenient. It doesn't do anything that Steam doesn't already do, the same reason I never start, Origin, or GFL. You also have less of a selection, this wouldnt be a problem if your store would offer them cheaper. But right now, as Im typing this, I can get Farcry 3 on your site, for 49.99 or I can get the same game for 37.48 on Steam, where all my other games are already.

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