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    I also had this bug. I didn't get 10k gold and received 1k seals, not promised 1150.
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    Same as Celeb.
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    That's know issue. I heard that before last updates it was different.
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    Havent got my 1000 tokens for Lv5 at all, i thought its because they removed it after the beta. Would be nice to get them, already thought about dropping the game completely as i got no good creature cards from the first box and getting smacked in the tournament duels. I am Lv6 and finished the campaing chapters available and had all together 1200 token.

    Srsly, i would be happy to get "only" 1000 instead of 1150 like the rest here and not 100 instead of 1000.
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    I need some clarification here.
    Are you supposed to get 1000 (or even 1150) SEALS for reaching level 4? With that I mean ADDITIONAL Seals.
    If so, I only got 150 on reaching level 4... that's 850 or more seals missing.

    Maybe someone could give exact information on what you're supposed to get for reaching each level?
    Level 4: 1150 seals, 10.000 Gold?
    Level 5: the same!?
    Level 6-9:???
    Level 10: again 1150 S/10.000 G?


    or what?
    It'd really really suck if the game is released with these bugs in place.
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    Wait, what? it's suppose to receive 1000 seals at lvl5? i just received 100 seals What the actual ****? <_<
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    Yeah sorry for the confusion but everyone here talks about 1000 or 1150 seals for those levels, I never understand whether they mean the total SUM of all seals or additional ones.
    Can't really imagine they would give u 1000 seals for a level so what we need here is some clarification please!
    Also, the levels required to play specific campaing chapters: I never saw any info about that, either.
    Any pro here who can enlighten us?
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    Maybe you should just read THIS TOPIC.
    Reward update : No more level up at every 5 levels, now more important rewards at the end of every solo campaign mission.
    Thus there are no big rewards (1000 Seals) every 5 levels anymore but you gain more with the Campaign.
    Note you gain now 100 Seals for each level-up, contrary to Closed Beta (150 Seals).

    Now, if you don't spend them you will have enough (1000) Seals when reaching level 4, after the campaign and some Duels.
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    I see, thanks for the information!
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