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    A closer look at watermelon.

    Most of you probably thought you knew the correct way to eat a watermelon. STOP! You're doing it all wrong. Please put your utensils down and read this post so you too can eat watermelon the right way.

    How to Eat a Watermelon Tutorial with Tom Willet

    Level of difficulty: Easy-Moderate

    • In this guide Tom Willet will show you the definitive way to eat a watermelon. The guide will be written in such a way that the audience (You!) can follow along with both this step by step guide as well as the video provided. The guide was created to insure that if the video portion of the tutorial at any point overwhelms the user, he or she may pause the film to gather their bearings. Once bearings have been established, the user may then resume the tutorial. Let us begin with Tom Willet showing you the best way to eat a watermelon.

    What will I need?

    • One Serving of Watermelon = One half of a watermelon (split horizontally).

    Note: Seedless or Seeded watermelon is specified by the consumer of said watermelon

    • One Spoon (despite popular belief)

    The final two will be used later in the video, keep them close to your person.

    • One Bag of marshmallows

    • One Jar of Peanut Butter (chunky or smooth has not been established; personal preference needs to taken into account).

    These ten steps will have you eating watermelon in no time!
    Now were ready to dig in!

    1.) Begin by holding your spoon at a 90degree angle relative to the surface of the watermelon. Pressing downward applying moderate pressure.

    2.) Create a whole within the surface of the watermelon rotating your spoon in a clockwork fashion. Allow for the diameter created to be one and fifteen sixteenths inches in length.

    3.) After extracting, consume the watermelon in these portions.

    4.) Continue this process deeper until you have reached the rind of the watermelon.

    5.) Do steps 1-4 a total of 4 times as see in the video.

    Did you know?: Like stated before you may pause the video at anytime.

    6.) Connect the holes you have created in the watermelon-connecting all four, thus creating a tunneling system.

    7.) Now take a few *marshmallows and place them within the tunnels, just under the surface of your watermelon. (Like stated by Mr. Willet, the marshmellows will act as a sponge to the watermelon juice.)

    8.) After letting the marshmallows soak for a few **moments (until they have a pinkish red hue), you may then remove the marshmellows and consume them.

    9.) Shell away the rest of the fruit so that you are left with a bowl shaped watermelon.

    10.) Finally toss in a few marshmallows making them again a pinkish red hue. Add a small spoon portion of peanut butter into the mix-then consume.

    Congratulations you have just successfully ate a watermelon but wait there's more!
    Bonus! Other items that go with watermelon.
    • Chocolate Milk

    • Ice-Cream

    • Whipped Cream


    *roasted marshmallows can also be used
    **a moment defined by personal preference
    Thank you Mr. Willet, this guide could not be possible without you.
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    I watched the whole thing. I can't say I didn't learn something, but...I don't know. It's going to take a while to digest that video. I watched it all. I waited and watched. It was about watermelon.
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    gotta say, watermelon marshmallows... OMG best idea. Never bothered trying it with watermelon, have done strawberry's though! Good stuff
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