We have dedicated ourselves to providing the most unique, entertaining, and above all legit gaming experience available on any network. Our members are provided a free forever opportunity to get the absolute most out of games and the networks that support them. Your games are carried further by receiving a choice to play the way you want, with members who follow a code of conduct and who refuse to cheapen the experience with cheating of any kind, or disrespect for any player.

Legit Gamers Elite Mission Statement
• To Provide Our Members an Ever Expanding Community With Access to the Top of the Line Social Networking Features Availble. If it is Gaming, We Will Offer it. Every Member has the Opportunity to Create their own Experience and Level of Involvement or Just Enjoy the Infinite List of Activities our Other Members are Involved in
• Provide Structured Practices on the Games They Love in Branches for Those Games in Which They Become an Active & Involved Part Of and Make Tons of Friends in a Controlled Environment Who Share the Same Love for the Game and Respect for Code of Conduct and Level of Training and Dedication as Themselves
• Developing Pro Teams for Our Competitive Members, As Well As Relaxed Schedules for Our Recreational Players
• Access to Our Website Built for Our Members, by Our Members
• Access to Our Social Networking Accounts to Keep Up with All Your Friends, Events, & Activities Every Day
• Always Free Forever to Our Most Valuable Asset: Our Members
• Your Most Valuable Asset is Time—Where Are You Spending Yours?

Our gaming community has around 600+ members and we are constantly growing every day. Our main goal is to find gamer's who want to stop playing with randoms, have some fun, and be competitive. We span out to many game types and platforms: GOW3, Battlefield 3 (with owned server), All Halo games, Modern Warfare 3, Ghost Recon, The Guild (which covers a wide range of RPGs, PC, PS3, and fighting games). Each platform has there very own practice twice a week on select days and this is to help improve teamwork, call out, strategy, mastery of weapons, and etc. Even with the more professional side, our main priority are the members and having fun. Holding tournaments weekly within the game types for prizes and bragging rights, competing in game battles with our pro teams, and building friendships. (I know, sounds cliche but its legit).

We follow a code of conduct that helps define the meaning of Legit: No cheating, be respectful to all gamers, no poaching, etc. These are our main codes of conduct that we stand by really strong and up hold them the best we can.

If this seems like something that you are interested in please contact me, xbl: legendaryNATS, and I will give you more information. Also please feel free to check out website out.


Thank you all and we look forward to hearing from you.