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    NEW GameMode Idea, more realistic PREDATOR/Infection like game mode...

    THE STORY: Basically Try to imagine a Tribe of people living on the top of a mountain Hidden away from the world, Cannibals Surviving for many generations at high altitude developing adaptations, Faster Immune systems, increased metabolism, longer life expectancy, increased speed and agility.. Now that's all good but they are still people Right... but now that's where your wrong, Most Tribes have Rituals where Mind Altering Drugs are used IN this case VERY Rare Mushrooms that Form on decaying flesh, BLOOD MUSHROOMS large red mushrooms that permanently change the body and mind.. It is a right of passage to becoming a PREDATOR. The mushrooms effect the Acid content in the stomach mixed with the increased metabolism means anything they consume is processed very fast, Allowing them Heal Exceptionally well But at the cost of an unending HUNGER it also removes the Fear and love emotions completely only Loyalty to the Tribe and to its Leader as well as an insatiable RAGE remain...

    How The Mode Works: it starts off as one person as the Tribe Leader he is Stronger than you Faster than you and is armed with a type of steel formed gauntlet on both hands kinda like Claws, on the first Farcry there was a type of charge attack where when in range you could run in and rip the enemy to peaces You can still do this, but as the leader you can (POUNCE) by charge jumping into the air aiming at the player and attacking, you come down with Incredible Force almost sideways digging your claws into his chest then rolling over his body throwing him at the nearest player and ripping his hart out, all at the same time, very fast and clean...

    Each time a player is killed and consumed the Predator Gains a new ability or an Upgrade to one he all ready has the (POUNCE) is the first one earned and as the Tribe Leader you start with it, a (POUNCE) can be stopped if you can cause enough Damage in the short amount of time after the Predator presses the attack button, like timing a shotgun blast just right... after that the next ability is an upgrade to speed and attack range, after that the (FERAL THERMAL VISION) followed by the (SCENT TRACKING) ability witch can be Toggled on and off and used as much as you want after that, upgrades to speed, damage, jump height, attack range, and eventually Regeneration and attack speed can be earned...

    On the players side of things, all players start with nothing just a handgun they need to find weapons, ammo, grenades and team up and stay close to each other find shelter and hold out or after you find everything you need you then need to head to the Tribes Blood mushroom patch witch is basically a pile of corpses with mushrooms growing around it with some heads on spikes or something, be creative, and Destroy it by burning it down, it has a lot of health and will take some time to burn it down...

    Each player that's killed will Respawn as a Predator, when all players are killed its game over or if the Blood Mushroom Patch is burned down... it took some time to think that up about 40 min lol so i hope some one in dev at least looks at it... Thanks.
    As far as i can tell Farcry 3 is going to be one of the best games.. keep up the good work...
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    wall of text run!
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    but seriously you should really make big points like the main features instead of a wall of text :S
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    Yea, reading that looks painful, you should edit it and break it into paragraphs to ease that Wall-O-Text.
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    little better?
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    somewhat, yes.
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    I got the pounce idea from prototype 2 just had to change it up a bit.. but check it out.
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    no comment

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    We mean like

    -Blablabla predator balblabla

    -Only knives blablabla

    -Special perks for predator ...

    Main points instead of wall of text
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    If there was a game mode like this in Far Cry 3. I got an idea for some DLC, instead of steal the sample or capture the diamond... steal the mushroom (game mode)
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