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    Unable to register game

    Recently I bought Splinter cell Conviction via Steam. Today I wanted to play the game, but in order to play it you first have to:

    1. Create a Uplay account (Ubisoft forces this up their customers, there is no opt-out).
    2. Register the game. While registering, I had to insert the key Steam provided me. But then I got the message: "We are unable to register this game to your Uplay account right now as the Ubisoft server is unavailable". I already registered this game with my steam account, so why is Ubisoft bothering me again?

    I normally have the strict rule to skip all Ubisoft games due to their DRM. In general, friends who are playing pirated versions are better of as their games usually work flawlessly while paying customers are just being annoyed with DRM, user accounts and all the other stuff they don't want. I sincerely hope that this registration issue is a temporary thing. My internet connection is working perfect, it is just the ubisoft stuff I cannot reach...
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    I've just had the exact same issue. On the login window of the Uplay client, there is a Settings button in the lower-right corner. In the settings, there should be a checkbox that says "Allow Uplay to use a proxy connection whatever". I disabled that then logged in then it could register the game to me.
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    It doesn't help for me but thanks!
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