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    UPlay PC Server Issue?

    I recently purchased Assassins Creed II through Steam, and after it downloaded and installed I went to play and created a UPlay account, but when I enter the game key a message appears that says the UPlay server is down so the key cannot be activated. I was wondering if this was planned downtime or if there is possibly something wrong with my computer?
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    Same issue here. I bought a few Uplay titles and I can't play any of them because I'm unable to log-in. You're not alone.
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    Same here, too. With Brotherhood. I think it's their fault, maybe they'll have them back up soon.
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    same here. with hawx 2
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    Dammit, Ubisoft.
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    Uplay was unable to synchronize your games. If this problem persists please contact Ubisoft Support. - Uplay got updated and now, play time is over!
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    Same here, just bought "From Dust" and exact same issue. guess I should of checked the Fourms first.
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    I just bought Anno 2070, same issue, this happens WAY to much.

    And why has no admin commented on this thread? is Ubisoft only made up of 3 or 4 actual staff?

    Waste of money.

    If this isn't fixed or at least commented on i'll be requesting a refund!
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    Same here
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    Me too, Might & Magic Heroes 6
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