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    Yeti minidump crash. Can't even start the game anymore.

    Windows 7 64bit.
    i7-2600k 3.8ghz
    Radeon HD 5970 - 12.6 /12.7v2 cap profile.
    8gb ddr3 1600
    samsung 830 ssd.

    Basically, this is not a user-end problem and cannot be fixed on the user-end. I talked to ubisoft on the phone and they basically said next week when patch 1.4 comes out, and 12.7WHQL for 5xxx comes out, the problem should be fixed. So the only fix for this is to simply wait until next week or two until the patch and the newer video driver is released. (you will need both the new video driver and the new patch to fix this issue)
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    lol they should get sued for selling a product that doesn't even work.
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    Same problem here. I am on PC and just got a card that can actually handle the game and now I can't even play it. I am getting severely fed up with Ubisoft here lately. I'm very much into the Assassins Creed franchise, but with Ubisofts name on it, I'm thinking twice about it. UBISOFT, HEAR THIS. I PAY FOR MY GAMES I EXPECT TO PLAY THEM WHEN "I" WANT TO, NOT WHEN I'M ABLE TO BECAUSE OF YOUR SECOND CLASS ENGINEERS AND PROGRAMMERS. WE THE FANS OF THESE GAMES ARE WHAT MAKES IT HAPPEN. WE THE FANS ARE THE ONES MAKING YOUR SORRY BUTTS RICH. Take into consideration how many hours some of us have to work just to get one of your games. Sure, you guys only have to work about, what, 10 minutes to afford it, well we have to work anywhere from 6.9 - 4 hours to be able to buy just this one game. Some of us work very hard for our money and when we buy something we expect to be able to use it when "WE" want to, at our convenience, not yours. When it doesn't work, well, most of the time we take said product back to the store and either replace it, exchange it for another, or get a refund. Guess what?.....we can't do that with software because once it's opened, there's nothing can be done about it but sit on our asses and wait for you guys too fix it. Sometimes it's fast, but ALOT of the time it's very slow. You do know that makes you look very bad with your fans, right? Is it too much to ask you to keep your grubby little computer gadgets off our systems, so we can play the games when we want to, not when you feel like letting us play. I mean I was playing it just fine the other day, and now I can't, and from what I have read, it's going to be a week+ til the next patch comes out. This Uplay crap is just another way for you to have control over the people that make you rich. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea, but for it to have to be connected to the internet to be able to play, so you all can make sure (over and over and over) that we have a legit copy? Thats a bit of overkill and getting a bit OCD, not too mention insecure. Anyway, just fix the **** game so we can play it, thats all we ask for, thats all we expect, and if it hadn't been for something going wrong with the **** updater, we would all still be playing.
    I'm done!

    System Specs:
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    MoBo: MSI 770-G45
    CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 @ 2.6Ghz
    Video Card: EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2Gb GDDR5
    RAM: 8Gb 1600Mhz Corsair GM2
    HDD: Hitachi 1tb
    Sound Card: Creative Labs X-Fi Platinum

    Any additional info needed just ask. I do have the .dmp file on my comp.
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    Ubi-MoshiMoshi's Avatar Community Representative
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    Hi guys, please be aware Title Update 1.4 is coming on Monday.
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    And it didn't do a **** thing to help. Still getting "Fatal Error". On top of that, it's asking for my disc to be in as well and still doesn't recognize it when I put it in and start game from the Autoplay. Well guess what Ubisoft, you made a fatal error. To hell with you and your DRM, Uplay (which I hardly ever even look at or care about), and Assassins Creed, well you lost me, won't be getting it this time around. Wish you all the best. Just a good thing this wasn't a mega title like Assassins Creed, otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing your sorry *** name on anything ever again.
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    i cant play anymore since patch 1.4 only crashing
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    comon when will this problem get solved?!! ****ty game
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    Is anyone at UbiSoft listening??? Are we speaking to air, or do you have such disregard for people who spent money on this worthless piece of crap that you just don't care that many people are having the same issue?

    I am done with UbiSoft. Don't care what the title is or how appealing the trailer. You crap on the people who pay you and I am done being your sucker.
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