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    Can't connect to friend.

    In GRFS my friend is online, but when i'm trying to add him to game, he gets an error that he can't connect to host.
    Again when he starts a server i cant connect to host. Can anyone help us?
    Sorry for my bad english ;3
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    I do have the problem with one of my buddies as well. We did everything possible, turning off the firewall completely, opening all ports.. etc.

    But when I try to invite him to the party, he isn't able to join... the same for him, the other way round... I can't join his party by accepting his invite!

    So, he does have this game from the beginning on, but so far, we couldn't even play one single match because of this stupid... bug or whatever...

    FIX IT! Hopefully, patch v1.4 will work... If not... Oh boy...
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    Hi, please try what is suggested here http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ghlight=friend
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    Do you have Hamachi? This happened to me once. I had to lower hamachi down below my internet connection in order to make it work. This is done by going to your network and sharing center, click on change adapter settings on the left, hit alt to open sub menu, click advanced, then advanced settings, look for Hamachi under the connection settings window, click on it and click the down arrow to bellow what ever connection is your internet, such as wireless network or lan network.

    If you don't have Hamachi and i wasted my time with that the other thing you could try is re-install the game. That also fixed it once for me but takes a lot of time if it does not work.

    Sorry if this does not help you.
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    Oh godly Nixyss! Thank you so much! It works now! We're so happy with my friend!
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    You are welcome. I am glad I could help.
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