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    Uplay code no work

    i just bought revelation and was rdy to go online in a hery and i did all the intrustions and it says your uplay code has already bin activate and now im pissed cause i just bought this game 10 minutes ago and i cant go online it would be nice to get a free one back cause i dont no how that work and i did everything im so mad 35 bucks wasted with no online like plz help
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    Hi, sorry to hear this. Did you buy the game brand new? if so please contact technical support or the store you bought it from who will be able to sort this out for you. The link to technical support is in my signature.
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    It Was a used copy i beleave and they should have a new code in them if not i fine that retarted but ya it was a future shop probaly why i can send you the code or stuff like that
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