Welcome to Recon Gamers, We are a Xbox360 Live gaming clan that's looking for active members from anywhere in the world
that speaks English. We are a very strong community with a age limit of 16+ but may accept below if you can show to be mature
and respectful to the other members of the RG.

We need as many member as we can to become the strongest growing community in the world and we think that YOU can help us
achieve our goal. So come visit our website and sign up and apply for the clan, Or take the easy option on message me on Xbox (Optic RG)
and id message you as soon as i can.

We are all currently playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier and looking for Squad members as that's where Recon Gamers started. We all have a K.D. of 1.30+ but that doesn't matter as long you work as a team with everyone that's all good.

So come visit Recon Gamers send in your application and lets see you on the field soldier.

Website: www.ReconGamers.com
Youtube: www.Youtube.com/OfficialReconGamers

Thanks From

Optic RG