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    sgb engineers

    For the Russian cimmanders who like engineers, anti-tank grenades vs flamethrower? What do you think?
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    I Upgraded to flamethrower without in any consideration of which would be better. In hindsight I think flamethrower does a better job defending against rifleman and is good again gunships. grenades have there advantages too. One being a tactical advantage like using them on a fence to shorten the distance your engys need to run to get to an uplink for example. learned that one from xman.
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    The anti-tank grenades are pretty effective against riflemen as well. But I've never bought the flamethrower cos I don't want to lose the area of effect. It says "+damage" tho? But how much?
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    the flame thrower is more versatile and is effective against all unit types , the anti tank grenades are as close to a blos as sgb gets although its has a short range its very effective against all armour but useless against gunships & infantry . i got the anti tank grenades . great for killing blos tanks and CVs.
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    Both of you said the grenades are ineffective against infantry but is that supposed to be how it is? When I throw them at riflemen with shields down they take more health off it than anything else I've seen. They're always down to red.
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    Anti tank grenades are brilliant and threat has a good point with the ability to create shortcuts using them. I found that they have more range and can be devastating if your opponent has a lot of armour close to each other. I always think think of it like this; what is the point using engineers? To destroy the armour and the AT grenades help you do that. Flamethrower is good against infantry but you still wouldn't win a one on one with enemy riflemen but it is still good, I just love the fact that AT grenades can be devastating against a jsf camper's buched up blos tanks!!!
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