Hey Ghosts,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on a couple of things you'll see happening soon. These are a few of the changes the team has been working on since the previous Title Update went live and I'm happy to announce that most of what I'm writing about will go live prior to the next TU.

First, lets talk about what you'll see before the next update:

We're distributing 3 Respec Tokens to everyone with an active profile in GRFS adversarial multiplayer. These tokens are per account, can be used on any of your characters, and will allow you to re-select decision points, etc. Just to be absolutely clear, they will not reset your character's level.

Challenge statistics are being reset. This means that Challenges will revert to their starting values and should not be excessively difficult to complete. Challenges will still escalate normally as players complete them. This will not affect your personal statistics.

In the future...

...Respec Tokens will be a thing of the past. That's right, with the next Title Update you will no longer need a Respec Token to reset your character. The method of performing a Respec will remain identical, however the game will no longer check for or consume a token. Players will not be able to Respec during a match: we feel it is important that a player's decision points still hold some weight. Players are able to Respec at any time they could otherwise access Gunsmith.

...Challenges will be reset periodically. We are going to monitor the pace at which players complete and escalate challenges before determining the exact frequency of the reset, but we expect it will occur regularly.

So when will all this occur already?!?!

Respec Tokens and the initial Challenge Reset will occur Tuesday morning, August 7th, during regular maintenance. Respec Tokens will become obsolete with the next Title Update. Periodic Challenge Resets frequency is undetermined at this time, but likely every month or two from now on.

So there you have it! We're super excited for these changes to go live shortly and we're looking forward to posting more details about upcoming changes included in the next Title Update soon!