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    The Heroes of Might and Magic Cumminity

    LOL, I know that this IS the internet (sic). I also am aware, sadly, that Ubisoft took (and still do) many wrong decisions in the production of HMM 6. So many of you have enlightened us all for so long and with such a vocal cry that both facts would have had been very difficult to miss.

    This thread is not about these facts.

    This thread is about another, even more worrisome fact: a lot of people believe that their opinions ARE the reality.

    If you cannot enjoy this game (or any other, for that matters), then it MUST be true than nobody else can. If you cannot connect to the Conflux, nobody can. If you hate all the changes made in this new version, everybody else does. If you are a veteran who played all Heroes games and cannot enjoy this one, then all veteran players must feel like you. And this arrogant, childish, and delusional perspective is constantly reinforced by the other people throwing tantrums as you do. Watching this forum is as entertaining as watching kindergarten kids all screaming during the recreation period.

    Moreover, if somebody dares to tell you a different opinion, then the poor sucker must be on Ubisoft’s payroll, or just a child with no experiences of the glorious days of Heroes 3, or plain and simple a moron with no taste or values. And so much more has been written here and other forums related to Heroes. I (sic) read so many of your well informed opinions (= facts, in your mind) to try to understand. ‘Heroes is doomed forever’, some wrote; ‘Why even bother to patch it’ others wrote ‘Let’s just move on to HMM 7’; and again ‘I answered all the HMM 6 fan-boy’s points blow by blow’, another well educated person wrote. And the list goes on and on.

    Why did I take the time to read these comments? Because I have been proud to be part of the Heroes community for almost two decades, and I assumed that in order to play, enjoy and be part of this community one should be able to recognize, at the very least, the distinction between opinions and facts. I also assumed that people in this community would want to express their valuable opinions, comments, and criticisms in order to improve the game. Why else, after all, so many gamers would invest their precious time in making hundreds of maps, campaigns, and mods for this venerable series? I’ve played so many of the fan-based extensions of the game, including the ones for HMM 6, and I am so very grateful to all people who did so.

    No longer I am proud to be part of this community. The hysteria that unfolded like the flue among so many people, including many veterans, is unbearable. One cannot express sincere gratitude for a game (yes, I am talking about HMM 6) that gave some people (including me) so much joy for so little (admittedly, I have much disposable income and $60 are very little for me, but I do understand that this is not the case for everyone) without being attacked by a gang of internet bullies who enjoy more ‘crushing the party’ than the game they (supposedly) paid to play. I have even seen such a person who claimed not even owning the game and trashing it nevertheless, just for the kick of it, I assume?

    So, my ancient friends and new enemies, enjoy your anger and sadness and prediction of dooms. I value your opinion, your feelings, and your criticisms. But please be advised that you feelings, your opinions, and your criticism do not represent a universal value, just your own personal, negative, and often sad view of the world. In other words, try to accept the idea that you are NOT the center of the universe. I know, it’s painful now, but it will get better later.

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    Extremely sensible, highly thoughtful, and at the same time, I fear this post is completely ineffectual.

    Not because it's poorly written - it's not - or because it's stupid - it's not - but because this isn't unique to this community. It's a general problem the entirety of the internet appears to have.

    Whenever I engage in a discussion, I will always at least make an effort to acknowledge that the other's point of view has merit as well. I will argue against it at times, but I will never claim my own opinions as solid fact. This, however, is a piece of knowledge that appears to have been lost on a great many people.

    Of course, this too is my perception, and my own opinion of many arguments seen on the internet.

    Valiant effort though, OP. And you have my approval, at least. :P
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    cu.mminity!? we are white and....? oh wait

    the generalizations can be a bad habit, yes, but that doesn't meant that they're wrong.

    I think you don't understand the community. Many are pissed off because during the first months, the servers were almost more time down that active (and when they go down, you lost your progress), because the game came out so dam.n bugged and still is pretty bugged (patches also create new bugs), that Uplay simply su.cks (sometimes takes a lot of time to synchronize, saves randomly dissapear, the plugin that made a security hole in your system, etc....) and more. Imho it's reasonable to have a lot of people complaining.

    Heroes III was a absolutely SOLID game. Very few and little flaws (for that time), that's why it's mentioned so much.
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    You enjoy the game, good for you. Many people can't, even having bought the game. In fact, it's said illegal users are having less headaches than the legal.
    How won't the community be upset in this situation?
    You're having a great time for "just" 60$, that's nice, but your condition is the minority. So keep playing it, but don't come here telling everybody how awesome it is and how blind are those who cannot appreciate it, 'cause it's a lie. I'm not saying you did it, but some people did, and this is something which helps to keep this bad feeling about anyone who doesn't hate Heroes VI.
    You ask us to understand your position, I'm sure you'll have no trouble understanding our anger.
    After all, I think we all wish Heroes VI will soon be a good game, worth its name for the majority of players.

    PS: It's a bit off-topic, but I'm not aware of any fanmade content for Heroes VI besides the balance patch. I would like to know those mods are you talking about.
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    I just want some guys from this community queue up for ranked games so I don't wait 60+ minutes for just one game.

    Oh wait, why would people queue when the servers randomly crash during games, there are many disconnects, bugged ladder, no sim turns... I take my words back.

    P.S.: It is really LOL that I am like fourth from the bottom in the ladder ranking due to buggy rank calculations. I wonder if they will succeed at fixing this game completely before time ends.
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    Facts? Take a look to the Ubisoft forum and see the reality, take a look to the hundreds of bugs, take a look to the anger of the Heroes commnunity. These are real facts, no well-spoken words. People who are suffering these issues don´t work for Ubisoft, this is another important fact that gives credibility. I´m too old to be haunted by nice words.
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    Spot on... but recognize valid complaints as well

    My heart goes out to every player who is getting crashes, black screens, lost save games or other problems that destroy their game playing experience. I do have personal experience with problems with various games that were due to a video card. When the replacement had the same problem in the same way the video card folks washed their hands of it. Tried dozens of "new" drivers over months. Buying into their logic I purchased another mother board (which was more expensive than the video card and totally unnecessary). Finally I bought another, expensive video card from another manufacturer and everything worked perfectly. The point is that even if the game is working partially, the failures might or might be with the game SW. I do not care where the issue is, I just want it fixed for my friends here who cannot play this game if they want to.

    There are a lot of complaints like that, but how many players, like me, are lucky enough now to have the game (and conflux, etc.) working perfectly (when the servers are up) all the time without crashes ever? A thousand players in that situation does not help those who cannot play, and I am with them, but numbers (I do not know what they are, maybe Irina can tell us) like that can give a factual sense of progress towards the goal of everyone who want to play being able to. I can certainly understand someone hitting a bug with the new release that doesn't let them play. Maybe that means the Ubisoft folks need to keep working (and they are) and maybe it means that there is a video or audio problem on that system. A hundred patches will not fix any root causes not in the Ubisoft code. Maybe all the remaining issues are entirely due to the MMH6 code... and maybe not. A video card problem like I ran into can look like the SW is at fault...

    One poster (in a nice way) suggested this thread was ineffective. I thiink it is effective. a lot of us have remained silent in the first several months because it was working for us and we wanted to have efforts focus on getting it towork for everyone. Yeah, there were a lot of bugs but what game we love coming out today doesn't have them. Most new games are about as innovative as massively dexterity killing undead thugs instead of human ones... "yeah, wouldn't that be kool?" The truth is that genuinely innovative games are rare. Even those who hate the new features, that are not much like HMM3, will admit that about this game, if honest.

    But there is some progress with "Forum" technology. Typing in an image verification is annoying, yes, but it forces Trolls to be identifyable. Pros could still get around the issues but casual jerks are eventually stopped. I don't mind posters who are totally negative about the game if that is their honest opinion, but after they have expressed their opinion, in whatever font size they choose... well... it hurts their credibility with me if they continually complain, without new information... making me wonder if they forgot to plug their computer in as the cause of that black screen issue or something like that. Please those of you with genuine, sincere problems realize I am not talking about you. I care about you as a fellow player who has "been there" and I hope you are up and running soon!
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    Sorry but suggesting that the black screen bug (that appeared with patch 1.5) and the missing savegames are the fault of the users complaining here when in reality the cause of these problems lie in the shortcomings of Ubisoft's software, is not respectful at all.
    Also the image verification was installed because the spam bot problem on these forums was getting ugly.
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    I have a tendency to agree with the original post on this thread.

    I have sympathy for those that are and have been experiencing more problems than I have. I have experienced but a few. For whatever reason, I've only been knocked off once in this past year. Once. I haven't experienced nearly as many bugs as some posters report. As a result, you who write with so much venom, riddling your posts with hyperbole, do not speak for me. Some folks here feel as though personal insults make their case. They do not.

    I empathize with those who are experiencing all these problems. I do. I want this game to work for you as it does me. However, your problem is not universal in most cases. Being frustrated is valid. Expecting that everyone else feels as you do, isn't. Being hostile to people who disagree with you isn't either.

    My suggestion is that to those that this applies, you tone down the rhetoric and express yourself in a manner that is more likely to get results. Bicker-fests don't get results. Constructive and productive discussions do.

    In other words, CHILL.
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    Never forget that you can flip the opening statement around and it is just as true: You have no problems with the game? Doesn't mean nobody does. Someone rants? Doesn't automatically mean they're trolls.

    There are a number of people who immediately attack anyone who mentions that all is not well with Heroes VI and tell them to go away and (smell the roses/find a proper cause/die in a fire/whatever).

    You aren't the centre of the universe any more than is anyone else.

    Originally Posted by Storm-Giant Go to original post
    cu.mminity!? we are white and....? oh wait [IMG]file:///C:\Users\KaeYoss\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\0 1\clip_image002.gif[/IMG]
    We should have a seminary about it.
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