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    No no. I love the game. It's really fun, and stuff... but here are some reasons why I hate the game:

    1) Connection issues. Period.

    2) Messed up game mechanics. I've been shot by a guy who's throat I'm in the process of slitting, from behind, and it wasn't due to lag. The game was just made that way, so that certain aspects of it can mess up.

    3) Practically everyone who plays this game thinks their an elite tactical soldier, simply because they play a certain genre of video games. They'll tell you, "PTFO", or "Get out of here with that [insert playstyle here]," just because you play a different way than they do.

    4) I'm not trying to be mean or anything -- this is just an observation -- but this game has got to have the stupidest overall population of any video game ever. There are still loads of people who, after multiple months of playing, don't know how to revive a teammate, even though it says, "X - Revive Teammate"!

    5) This game is dying faster than pretty much any other recent game. Some nights, I'll find that I'm the one of the only players trying to play Stockade. There will be like 3 of us, and we'll just keep searching and finding the same empty lobbies over and over. People just won't stick around and wait for the game to fix itself that much longer.

    6) Stockade, while it's my favorite game mode, brings out the worst in people. The most common playstyle I see is the player who leaves their spawn area, deploys their stun mines or claymores, then returns to the spawn area for the rest of the game. I mean, why are you going to purchase a video game to not even play it? I hate being penalized because I actually move around the map. No matter how tactically I move, there's always going to be a point where I run out of EMPs, and my only choice is to go around the corner to have an angle to shoot the claymore, at which point it will explode in my face. And seriously guys, it's no fun having to run into YOUR SPAWN to fight you.

    7) I bought the DLC, and while it has some good content, not a lot of the game's population bought it... The player base was low in numbers to begin with, so some nights I can't even play the DLC because no one else is online that has it.

    So here's the summary:

    I love the game. If people would just stop being stupid and actually play the game, I would be able to enjoy myself. And if Ubisoft would fix the general issues that have plagued the game since launch, the game would be easier to enjoy, and it might not drive more people away.

    You're welcome.
    this guy hands down nailed it. well almost. i have never been in a situation where i couldn't play the MP because no one else is on, but im on the 360 in the united states.

    here is my dilema with just about everyones responce. "the game is great but" it's a pretty big BUT. i think everyone is refuring to the idea what the game could be and when they get that idea in their head and then play the actual game frustration takes over. now i hear "i need a break from GRFS for a few weeks" because it is so dam buggy, laggy and exploited. i think this makes it a bad game, but since there realy isn't anything else like it out there, except for gears.. we dont have much choice.
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    The gun play is a little lack luster. It lacks impact and weight, at least to me.
    'Recon' hardly has anything to do with anything. But then again, I think it was always like that.
    Guerrilla mode is severely lackluster. Horde modes are fun, but not when you're forced to sit in a spot and defend from all directions unless you have a team. (Throwing in no Coop match making.)
    Multiplayer player size is a little restrictive, as well as likes to throw apart teams for no reason.

    But, really other then that and connection issues, it's a pretty fun game. I definitely enjoy it, hope it gets a improved upon sequel.
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    Sure, I have all the same problems as everyone just posted. I am just saying that those problems are not enough for me to want to trade the game in. I am having a great time even with the problems. Hopefully the problems get fixed because this game is quite amazing.
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    i hated the game at the start due to lag etc but its fixed now sort of. what bugs me is the geometrics of the game eg. enemy can see you from around a corner and you couldnt see them. and grenade launchers
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    I don't know what it is with everyone hating on the grenade launchers. I personally do not use them but it's a legit part of war. Just like in real life a soldier can use an M203 grenade launcher and shoot it in your vacinity to kill you, a soldier can do the same in this game.

    I don't mind "seeing" players behind walls because that's part of what makes this game unique. Intel is a big part of the game and it's fun.

    Every game forum I have ever been to is filled with players complaining about why the game sucks and what the developers should have done to make it better. I don't see any of those players making a better game so they need to shut the Hell up and leave well enough alone.
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