View Poll Results: Will the Farcry 3 Beta be released tomorrow (August 1st, 2012)?

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    4 50.00%

Thread: Farcry 3 Beat August 1st; Yes please! | Forums

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    Who is to say that the facebook 'liking' of their page wont net a lot of people codes? Im sure the beta will eventually be open.
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    I love how they said the beta will be released in the summer. Well Ubi, the summer is quickly coming to an end. I'm going to be a very unhappy camper if it's released during the last week of summer or some crap like that.
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    ok,who ever wants to play my sub-pen beta. I will be playing it in my ps3 today.REMEMBER IS THE FARCRY2 VERSIONS,LOL/ iNEED A BETA CODE UPLAY, THANK YOU.
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