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    Hey U-Play Devs! Is there a way to run my ubisoft games w/o your POS game launcher?

    It's just i'm tired of the thing not synching and losing my save progress and then having to replay. If your gonna build online DRM, build so it works and doesn't **** up peoples saves. It's **** like that, that makes people pirate.
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    Yes, yes there is.

    *removed piracy references*
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    Agreed. Uplay installed itself very sneakily, disguised as AC:B auto-updating itself. And now it forces people to log in even to play offline (i.e. hidden from friends), so basically Ubisoft is monitoring our gameplay, ON OUR OWN COMPUTERS.

    I got AC:B as a digital download... and it was before the current uplay bull$#!t too... still have the original files... Anyone want a copy for "Research"? I'm going to install it on one of my non-networked computers to see what happens.
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    *removed piracy references*

    Please be aware discussing piracy in any form is against our forum rules and will result in infractions.
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    Cracking a game is as much piracy as modding a console is, in that it's not. At least say it's against ToS to mod your game files or something. Ubisoft having such a **** DRM specifically to try and combat piracy, then their associates (you Ubi-Mush) show they have no idea what piracy even is, well, that just looks stupid, though very fitting.

    Load me up though, you guys at Ubisoft can go **** yourselves for all I care, at least until Uplay is over and done with. After all, that's how you're treating us paying customers. If Uplay is any testament to the quality of Ubisoft's abilities I have no doubt skirting around any trouble your infractions would bring could be too difficult.
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