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    Water Troughs Not Clickable

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    Sometimes, I can't get my adult horses to use the water trough. I can click on the trough and they'll move next to it but they won't do anything. Sometimes, when I click on a horse with a water need, the troughs won't even light up, even though they show they have 10 of 10 water available. I've noticed it with small and medium troughs. I can't access larger ones. When this happens, I can't even use the "move" hand to try and relocate the troughs. They simply aren't clickable. I've noticed refreshing the game will sometimes help, sometimes not.

    Wanted to let everyone know because this is becoming really irritating. I get stuck, simply because I can't click my water troughs.
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    I have the sam problem with my water troughs and hay stacks
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    Me too..

    I have several accounts and i think that they all have this issue. I have come to dread whenever they are hungry/thirsty. I find that sometimes (and only sometimes) if you move them to another spot, they start to work. Unfortunately all of my ranches have scattered troughs / hay bales all over them . Also, there is usually one of them that switch roles - you hover over it and it will show you hay instead of water and visa versa. strange for sure!
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    Yes, I started to notice the switching role thing the other day. My haystack claimed it was a water trough. It's so irritating. I can't feed my horses right now because it won't let me click on the haystacks. I can't even click them to move them...again. I tried buying a new one once, and it glitched too, so I realized it's a waste of money.
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