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    Cloud Save? Local Save? One of these is correct the other rolls you back.

    Way to screw that up Ubi. The first time I was in the server room in Third Echelon. I load the game up the next day and it asks me if I want to use the save on the server or the local one. Go to go with local right? Nope, you're back in Diwaniya. Oh wow thanks. I think I will play something else. The next day I figure well the game is fun enough anyway, same question. Suddenly I am in TE again. So the correct answer must be server right? I get all the way to Downtown last night and load the game up. There is the question again. Server? Local? Server. Welcome to White Box! How can you screw something up that bad? One, list the NAME of the mission each save is representing. Two, if playing from one machine the local save should always be the correct one.
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    Same, except I chose the cloud save, still booted my *** back to the first level

    Ubisoft just bent me over and screwed me hard. All that work is gone, and I am not going to redo it. Uninstall time it is, the worst part was that I was just warming up to the idea of buying the next one, but with this counter intuitive save / local/ cloud save system hovering over my head like the Sword of Damocles, threatening to erase hard won progress, I think I will spend my money on ladies of the evening and blow instead.
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    Hi guys, please ensure you report this to technical support, the link is in my signature.
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    Yeah, which genius programmed the cloud save feature? Told it, NO, keep the local copy and discard the server copy. Then what do you know, launch the game and all my saves are gone, replaced with the level 1 server copy, which I told it specifically not to do. Bravo Ubi.
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