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    The Safehouse of the Assassins located in *******

    Two questions..

    Can someone give me a map of the pieces of eden a perfected one?

    What are the Templars iconic color?
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    From the AC Wiki:

    1. Giza, Egypt
    2. Lake Victoria, Africa, more on the Kenyan side
    3. The Gambia River, Gambia
    4. Timbuktu, Mali
    5. Taza, Morocco
    6. Canary Islands, Spain
    7. The Southern tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, near the volcano of Opala
    8. Odessa, Ukraine
    9. Kharkiv, Ukraine
    10. Rennes-le-Château, France
    11. Salisbury Plain, England (presumably at Stonehenge)
    12. Loch Ness, Scotland
    13. Maroantsetra, Madagascar
    14. Nara, Japan
    15. Somewhere close to Goodhouse, South Africa, near the border between South Africa and Namibia
    16. Inside or nearby Boston, Massachusetts, United States
    17. Delhi, India or the Taj Mahal in India, a short distance south of Delhi
    18. Persepolis, modern day Shiraz, Iran
    19. Jerusalem, Israel (possibly the Second Apple)
    20. Around the area of the Igara Parana River, Colombia
    21. Nazca, Perú
    22. South-western Sri Lanka
    23. Hellissandur, Iceland
    24. The area of Sabiene Island, Nunavut, Canada
    25. Around Phoenix, Arizona, United States
    26. Washington, D.C., United States
    27. Juneau, Alaska, United States
    28. In Padang West Sumatera and about Mid until East Java island, Indonesia
    29. The middle of the South Pacific Ocean
    30. The Pacific Ocean, close to the coast of Mexico
    31. The South Pacific Ocean, near the coast of the Easter Island and Chile
    32. The Atlantic Ocean, in an area where Atlantis was believed to have existed
    33. The Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred miles off the coast of Brazil
    34. The Antarctic Ocean, on the side of Antarctica facing up towards the Atlantic
    35. The Indian Ocean, almost cross sectioned with the tips of India, Africa and the southwestern tip of Australia - a small island called Ile Amsterdam
    36. The Antarctic Ocean, the side of the Antarctic ocean that faces up towards the Indian Ocean
    37. Arkangelsk, Russia
    38. Andorra le Vella, Andorra
    39. Sao Paolo, Brazil
    40. Barrow, Alaska
    41. La Rioja, Argentina
    42. Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
    43. Uluru/Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia
    44. Somewhere in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
    45. Beijing, China
    46. Somewhere in the Altay Mountains in southwestern Mongolia
    47. Somewhere along the northern Coast of Chukotka province, Russia
    48. An area close to Tiksi, Russia

    Also, probably red, as the Templar Cross is usely depicted in red too.
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    I don't really think that the Templars have a signature colour, since they work from an ideology.
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    Good I like it
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