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    How do we complete the Quest for Intermediate League Domination?

    I have a quest that I am to try for the Crystal Cup at all three Intermediate League locations. However, the only Intermediate League location I can access is Sultanka. I have trained a horse into the intermediate level for trotting, but when I try to show it, it will only let me access the Junior league locations in the venues that my horse had training for. I can't access the Jr. league trotting location OR the Intermediate trotting location. What are we supposed to do? Thanks so much for your help!
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    I know i had the same problem.. so i started training in all the junior league stuff.. and suddenly i had a new city open.when i finished the cups in that. so i suggest training for the other junior league stuff( i believe it was the trotting one that opened up another new city)and competing in those first.
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    Thank-you! I finished the Marble Cup for racing today (had already done the Marble for trotting) at the Jr. league - and now I have the Intermediate Chuffle open! So, I guess that must be the answer! I will work for Marble Cups in Reining and Barrel Racing, and hope the 3rd one opens up. Thanks so much!
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