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    Problem with the game saving...

    Every time that I exit the client and log back in, before uPlay, the piece of ****, launches the game, assuming it can, it asks me if I want to overwrite my previous save with one from the server, and no matter which one I click, none of my data is saved, but if I spend points on upgrades, those remain gone... This is infinitely annoying, and is ruining the game for me... Which is disappointing, because it's a fun game...
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    Also very much peeving me off. I have the same problem. First time I chose to not overwrite, assuming that perhaps the internet failed to sync with the cloud and the most recent save of the game would be on the local (my personal laptop which I was playing on.) Not the case. I ended up a single mission backwards. No big deal. I spent small amount of time and moved through it. Now again I load up the stupid uplay and bam there it is again. asking me if i want to overwrite. Due to the last time not giving me the most up to date save, I said "sure. give me the server save." Bad news. Now instead of being on mission 10 (*very light spoiler*, chopper crashes, prepping to go into white house), the game has me on the **** airfield level. Mission 3. All that way back. It's ridiculous.
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    Extra note: I purchased conviction via steam on its summer sale a few days ago. I've read some other issues relating to the purchasing via steam. Anyways, thought it worth mentioning
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    I have the same problem guys but it doesn't happen if you wait a minute or two after starting Uplay before starting the game. If you start it too early and get the inevitable choice, pick either then quit the game (if you play you'll make new saves that'll overwrite your old ones), wait a while and start it again. Now choose the Internet save and it should be your most recent save. If it still doesn't work quit and restart again. You get the idea.

    It's an annoying problem but the easiest fix is just to give Uplay some time. Start it up and watch a Youtube vid or something before playing
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    I am having the exact same problem!!!

    I also purchased via steam during the special.

    And just like you, I had it once and chose to keep my local copy and was kicked back 3 full levels. Happened again just now and I selected the online version and went back 1 level.


    I will try what the above poster said next time....but in any case this needs to be addressed by ubi!!!!
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    I get the same

    I lose all my completed challenge, all my unlocks, all my weapons, everything!! It's driving me crazy! I don't mind going back a level every now and then, but when I lose all my challenges, all my unlock points and weapons it's just unforgivable. Anyway to save the weapons?

    Also, I got the game on steam too and I also bought the insurgency pack. How do I play insurgency because I can't see any extra modes or anything.
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    Hi, I have reported this issues, however please look here

    Also please contact technical support, so they can get an idea of how many this is affecting, the link is in my signature.
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    ya i have the same problem and I know it has affected all of my friends on steam who have purchased this game as well. The save game data along with the 'uplay' game browser is awful. There are so many issues with syncing game data, game play, file saving, and even browsing games it just makes the whole experience terrible. No matter how good a game is, like splinter cell, these issues will deter me from any game no matter how good it is, or if it is at a decent price. Ubi soft needs to do some serious work on this or else they will lose many customers, just from what I have seen on countless other independent forums and what many users have said and now have removed all affiliation to ubi soft.

    Id say just do what the rest do and work with steam cloud and sync to steam. Cuts out your problems and most likely less issues and complaints.
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    There are a lot of us who bought it on Steam who have this issue. Hopefully a patch will remedy it.

    I did read somewhere on one of these forums that someone had success by giving Uplay time to sync. In other words, your save games are still there, it's just that the Uplay client is processing them inefficiently. So this person waited for some time, doing other things, then started the game and didn't have an issue. I'm going to try this one tonight and see what happens. If it doesn't work, I'll disable the online sync. Either way, I'll post back and let you know how it works out.
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    Has there been any solution to this issue?

    I bought the game a while ago (through Steam), but finally got around to installing and playing it on a few days off... this sync issue is driving me INSANE... I don't mind redoing the missions as much (although it is frustrating) it is loss of upgrade points that is just a joke, they can sync the challenges well enough, but not that you've used the points. Not acceptable Ubisoft.
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