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    Game posting on newsfeed?

    So can anyone explain why the game automatically posts to my friends' news feeds even when I choose not to "share" it with people? I have gotten notifications that people have commented on these posts, but when I select that notification to view it, it doesn't let me see it. It either does nothing, or takes me to a blank screen. Like it's trying to hide it from me... This is very aggravating as I hate game posts and want to avoid being the one that makes them. I would like to be able to play it without telling everyone about it!

    Thanks for any help
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    Try doing this.

    1) Go to your Facebook home page
    2) To the left under your Default picture it will have tabs that say 'Favorites, Apps, Groups, More'(By default I think). Put your mouse cursor over 'Apps'
    3) Click the 'More' that appears when you hover over 'Apps'
    4) Locate "House M.D. : Critical Cases" and click the pencil to the left of it, and select 'Edit Settings'
    5) Scroll down to where it says 'Post on your behalf' and click 'Remove'

    See what that does for you. As to why it doesn't show a page when you click on the notification, that's got to be a error on Facebook's end. There have been time when I've clicked on notifications that were supposed to take me to the game and I just sit there with a blank screen until I realize its not going to load. Yup these are just some common problems with Facebook. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you!!
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    Thanks as always Delta!

    HouseMD Team
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