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    Problem with Ubisoft game launcher

    I have installed POP- Forgotten Sands and it was installed correctly. But when I am launching the game an error message is coming.."Ubisoft game launcher could not be found, please re-install the game". I have tried re-installing several times and every time same error message is coming in spite of the Game launcher being correctly installed. Can you advice me what to do to solve this problem?
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    Are you attempting to install on another drive except C:/?

    I would suggest as you have already tried re-installing the game to contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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    Same problem here >_< Have you contacted the support? Is it fixed now?
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    same issue

    I have tried re-installing it 3 times :-( and still same error message that the "Ubisoft game launcher could not be found, please re-install this game."
    not cool!
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