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    250 000 points...really?!

    trying to grind my way up the multiplayer ladder and my scout class needs 250 000 xp points to go from 29 to 30. Is this what everyone else see's? That seems like alot to go up one rank! Will take 4 **** years to get to 50...WTF?!
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    I'm also having this issue: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ver-Ten-levels

    I was at 35, then randomly jumped to 45. I have to get around 390,000 exp to get to 46. I'm currently around 310,000 exp till I can get to 46....

    This doesn't MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME.
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    I have the same problem i need over 110,000 points to rank up in scout and assult. I have complained to them for about 4 days and i havnt gotten anything back nor have they tryed to fix it.
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