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    Also, please fix these bugs too:

    1) Skills/spells scrollbar bug (which occurs when switching between All skills/Tears/Blood/Balanced ---> NOT FIXED.
    Scrollbar should update per type of skills/spells selected, but does not.

    2) Archlich Special does not heal target friendly stack if the enemy stack dies (and sometimes even if it does not). ---> Not sure if this is fixed, or not - PLEASE someone test it!!

    3) Dual monitor + Alt-Tab bug ---> NOT FIXED.
    Details of bug: Run game, start a mission.
    Alt+Tab out of the game into Windows.
    Switch back to game again.
    Result: Cursor now goes to 2nd monitor if you move it to the right. So, you can only scroll to the right via the Right arrow key on the keyboard, or via the minimap, but not via the border mouse scroll.
    Expected: Cursor to stay on the 1st/main monitor only, so that you can scroll to the right.

    4) Slow exit time - NOT fixed. Takes 20-30+ seconds to exit.
    With 1.2 exit time was under 5 seconds.

    5) Meditation spell restores much more mana (50%) than it is supposed to. (Description says 15%.) ---> NF

    6) When you "Slow" an enemy unit, then right-click it, the description for movement says Slow +2. It should say Slow -2.
    Same with Haste on your own units, or Haste cast on the enemy units by the enemy hero, or any spells/skills/etc that change creature speed, such as some Sanctuary buildings/etc.

    7) (AI bug) When attacking a town/fort with no hero and only some troops, the enemy troops will stay behind the walls and not attack, although they would cause a lot of damage, if they did.
    They just defend and then attack when you have killed most of them with your shooters and their attack won't cause any major damage any more.
    EXPECTED: The defending enemy troops to go out of the gate and attack you at once.
    NOTE: This works badly even if there is an enemy hero inside the town, however he does come out sooner or later.

    8) Movement bonuses from a previous mission sometimes carry over into next mission when playing the campaign.
    For example, my Sanctuary Irina hero had over 60 movement points (80+ with bonuses!!), while my 2nd in command had 50-something movement points - while this makes the game much easier, it is obviously a bad bug.

    9) Keyboard buttons W and D do not work if defending. They work if attacking.

    10) Sometimes can not view enemy hero stats by right-clicking him/her in a battle.

    11) Sanctuary unit Mizu-Kami Sprint Link does not work reliably - for example, sometimes target friendly unit is healed by Regeneration or Waves of Renewal cast on them, but Mizu-Kamis are not although they should (as all beneficial spells are supposed to affect both units).

    12) "Frozen" spell (enemy target unit Speed -1) + Slow do not stack, but they should.
    Example: Enemy unit has speed of 5. You shoot at it with the Sanctuary range unit that has the "Frozen" effect - its speed gets reduced by 1 (correctly). Then you cast Slow or Mass Slow, which should reduce the enemy unit speed further, but does not.

    13) The Despair spell appears broken in the Necropolis campaign with patch 1.5.1, as it increases the target enemy Morale instead of reducing it.

    14) Major problem when buying artifacts - may not have come in 1.5, but 1.4, but is still there - in the Advanced Marketplace, you can not see if an artifact you can buy requires a magic hero/might hero, or a specific race/faction hero. You COULD see that in older versions.

    15) Battle music keeps playing after you visit an Arena. Should stop playing (and does if you open one of your cities).

    16) NEW BUG: Sometimes when you give a spell scroll from one hero to another, the hero that had it still appears to have it in his/her Spell book. It shouldn't be that way.

    17) CAMPAIGN/cutscene bug - Most probably introduced in version 1.5. Problem is this: In Sancturary Mission 4 there is a small dialog scene (not a full screen cut scene, but just a dialog), first words appear in text, but no voice. Can not skip to next screen of the dialog scene, can only close the dialog.
    Expected: The enemy hero to say the words out loud, then your hero to say something/etc, so that you can see the whole dialog. Also, be able to click the arrow to go to the next line of words.

    Also, after you defeat the enemy hero, he tries to say something, but only says "Ohh" and then the text that appears is covered by the list of units of the 2nd enemy hero (who is inside the town) and the sound is cut off.
    Expected: To be able to see and hear the whole thing that enemy hero says.

    NOTE: May affect other factions/Campaign missions too, not sure - have to test.

    Major bug:
    18) Sometimes for no particular reason the game will FREEZE - cursor still moves and music keeps playing, but the screen stops redrawing.
    Then you can only kill the process of the game from Task Manager, there is no other way to continue. Also, even if you try to switch to Windows, you can NOT use your main monitor (I have 2 monitors) - the game seems to have captured the mouse, as mouse cursor appears, but you can't click anywhere.
    I assume if you have just one monitor, you may be screwed, as you can't even kill the game process via Task Manager, if you don't move the Task Manager window to 2nd monitor - so, you may have to restart the whole computer to continue.

    19) Iron Elementals Cremation ability (that is triggered on them dying) does not work correctly.

    20) When you lose an Arena battle, the text that appears says "Your hero is dead, you can revive him in a town with a Tavern", which is wrong - all Arena fights are test/mock fights (with no losses even if some troops die), and the hero is still right there in front of the Arena and is not dead.
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    Game crashing bugs?!

    Hi Irina,

    Thanks for the update on patch progress, but I have a couple of questions:

    1. What's going to happen to us whose game keeps crashing on load? Those of us who accidentally played the game in that 24 after 1.5 and before 1.5.1 that got completely screwed over by no fault of our own? Seriously, I still can't play my game without re-completing the same campaign I've already had to play twice now? It will not let me start the 3rd campaign in the map and I'm not even trying to load a save game. It's not like it's been two weeks of bugginess, it's literally been two weeks where I can't play the game I purchased.

    2. The changes you listed to toughness are a bit confusing. Right now it says "toughness 1 does not increase creature health by 5%". What does that mean? Will it be 5% after the patch, or something else?

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    Originally Posted by NakiBest Go to original post
    Copyright years bug: The intro screen says Copyright 2012.
    Should be 2011-2012 instead.
    Please fix.
    Yes, please put all attention on this and delay current patch.
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    Guess I'll wait even longer...

    I was really hoping this would be the patch that the game would become fully playable. While the fixes mentioned in these patch notes will surely benefit the game and its players, I can't help but feel like some attention must be focussed on the more serious bugs. Many of which have been conveniently put down earlier in this topic. I know the budget for this game is probably not as big as that of Ubisofts major franchises, but it wouldn't take that much to finish the remaining problems. Mainly the broken abilities and crashes.

    The reason why people keep nagging, is that the game has the potential to be the best (or near best) in the series, and its not that far from being there. Patch 1.5.2 is obviously a minor patch, so if this patch will not fix the most pressing issues, then please let the community know what the focus of patch 1.6 and 1.7 will be. As a major fan of Heroes, and of this game, I'm going to keep waiting until the game is in its optimal state before finishing the last few campaigns and buying any DLC.
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    you still have to work on: (especially)

    - fix ALL bugs (espc. game/campaign-breaking - bugs and creature-growth-bug(s))

    - make ALL heroes able to get reputation and make ALL heroes be chooseable for single/multiplayer/hotseat (more heroes would be veryyyyyyyyy nice, but it's not that urgent)

    - town screens that would be compareable to the ones of HoMM V (the ones we currently have look as if they were made before HoMM IV was released) you can make this as part of an expansion, but you have to do sth. about it....(though i expect the 1st expansion in several years at best as the game - still - has so many bugs that any expansion would just crash <.< )
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    Originally Posted by MillionVoices Go to original post
    - town screens that would be compareable to the ones of HoMM V (the ones we currently have look as if they were made before HoMM IV was released) you can make this as part of an expansion, but you have to do sth. about it....(though i expect the 1st expansion in several years at best as the game - still - has so many bugs that any expansion would just crash <.< )
    They already spent time and resources by making the 2D town screens. Do you really think that they are also going go make 3D town screens? I don't think so. Besides, most of the fans prefer the 2D town screens to the 3D ones. Do the town screens in Heroes 6 are great, the best, wonderful? For the most part, no... But they are good enough for me and for most I belive.

    They should just concentrate on fixing all the bugs and then MAYBE do some changes to the skills/spells "trees" and stuff like that.
    After that, let the expansions come...
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    Hi Irina.

    I was not able to redeem the unlock code in order to play the new Pirates DLC. I've raised a ticket to your customer service but they did not answer me at all so far. I purchase this code to get fun, not to ask for a refund. Will this new patch fix the invalid message when I add the given unlock code from Ubisoft?. HOMM VI has 1.5.1 patch already installed and I still received the mentioned message error, so will the new patch fix this error. BTW all the alpha text is upper case for the received unlock code from Ubisoft.

    Please confirm.
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    The Gold Egg doesn't work in the multiplayer..
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    Originally Posted by Ubi_Irina Go to original post
    - Units:
    o The growth for the "Harpy" unit is 7 instead of 8
    o The growth is 11 instead of 12 for the Demented.
    o The growth is 8 instead of 9 for the Maniac.
    o The Maximum melee damage of the "Fury" unit is 8 instead of 9
    o Vampire Lord weekly growth reduced to 6 units instead of 5
    o The Skeletal Spearman unit has the maximum ranged damage 7 instead of 6
    I noticed several other deviations between patchnotes 1.5 and release 1.5, about units statistics and growth. I made a list of them on the french Archangel Castle forum :

    This list is also in french, but no doubt that some Ubi-people can read it.
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    Game made in 2012, correct??

    Originally Posted by futatn_69 Go to original post
    Yes, please put all attention on this and delay current patch.
    But of course!! This is a major game-breaking bug. If they can't fix it, we can't play at all! Please delay the next patch 2-3 weeks, if needed, to get this fixed - this is a very hard to fix bug, so it may take some time!!
    And, also of course, whoever made the game in 2011 (game was released in October 2011) does not deserve any credit, so let's scratch that - game was made in 2012, and not 2011, right, right!?
    (part of the above is a joke)
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