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    No, it's not there.
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    Nice but still I'm waiting for possibility to adjust sound. When we can expect this invention?
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    So.. should I wait for it or go do somethng else and check back in the evening? Will it come within the hour?
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    Hi guys,
    The new version should be available around 6pm (GMT+2).
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    So what's the approximation on downtime?
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    SpaceElephant's Avatar Community Developer
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    Hi everyone! The new version is now live

    Let us know what you think!
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    Downloading now, but I can confirm Launcher in my local system language.
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    What the hell is this? I try to face the orc and there is a pop up message that says opponent is using celebrations, right click to it see cost yadda yadda. I cannot! I can't play a card, I cannot close the pop up window, I cannot even right click celebrations!

    EDIT: When the pop up window appears there is a blue arrow but then it disappears and thus I cannot close the window.

    Is there a shortcut for closing windows?
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    i have this problem too and i can't play chalenge ;/
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    mee too
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