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    >>ps3 only<< [cmk] chimeran mercenaries.

    CMK Will soon start recruiting on Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

    We are a PS3 only clan, and will start recruiting here on GRFS after we play a few more clans on Resistance 3.
    About Us.

    Originating on Resistance 2 in 2009, we quickly rose up to become one of the larger clans of the game, but we sadly disbanded in 2011 becasue i left the game.
    We rose back up in Resistance 3, having now the biggest and most active clan there, with over 150 members.
    We are a very proud and strong clan, so expect a fight from us if you encounter us, we are only on R3 right now but are looking to expand to much more than that.
    We have a few members on GRFS but soon we will recruit and hopefully claw our way to the top.


    We have a few requirements, as follows.
    • No trashtalkers or **** starters, if you keep starting **** with other clans you will no longer be a part of CMK.
    • No noobtubers, we want to make an impact here on GRFS, by CLEAN play only.
    • 1.8+ KD ratio only.

    Promotions and demotions are regular, and regular private games between the clan to decide who needs a promtion or demotion.

    If you are interested in joining don't hesitate to message me on my PSN- KILLAHADZ.
    We want to have good relations on this game and a fun time, so please no Bull****
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    Why won't it let me edit the title to make it in caps lol?
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    Guys, are you ready for Clan Wars (squad matches) in GRFS on PS3?
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