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    Uplay Username Censor

    Hey all, just a quick note or comment or whatever.

    I bought Assassin's Creed II on Steam and when I opened it to play I first had to download the Uplay client.

    Second I had to create a Uplay account, where I wanted to use my main online avatar name/alias "Spicysenor" (like a spicy mexican guy or something, I dunno I made it up in high school don't judge). I was told this was an inappropriate name, which confused me. Spicy? Senor? Do I need the ` of the E? Ahh...it must be S**c, I see.

    I finally used Gudwin2334 and was able to make an account for Uplay.

    It's unfortunate for Steam that they have traffic stolen by Uplay (or perhaps they shouldn't offer ASSII in their store) but even more unfortunate that I have to create an entire new account that I will never use (except this one time). Also why does Uplay not have a customer support email (I know not to ask about a phone number (HA!))?

    Creating accounts was possibly exciting in 2005, but now it is really a drag and I don't want to have to add another bookmark that will gather dust for years (but I have to anyway).

    Thanks for reading!

    tl;dr: please allow me to play assassin's creed II without having to create an account.
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    Hi, you can contact technical support through Facebook, Twitter, web, phone. They will be able to take a look and see why the filter has caught the username you require, I can't see any reason why it should have.
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